Old Navy: Women and Girls Dresses $8.00

For one day only, Old Navy is offering Women’s and Girls Dresses for just $8.00 each.  Stop into Old Navy on Saturday April 28th, for the Old Navy Dress Sale.

In addition, you can print a 20% off your next purchase Old Navy Coupon.   Click on the offer in the Old Navy Facebook post.

Offer valid instores only.

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  • Jess

    Great deal! But 20% didn’t work on daily deal but I got the rest of my stuff including clearance 20% off.

  • Theresa

    My store had great colors! But the 30% off with ON card or the 20% off FB coupon don’t work with one day sales :(

  • Cathy

    @Ashley horvath, thanks, I was going for the girls’ dresses anyway. At H-town, they had a different stock than online, so I was fairly happy (though they didn’t have any girls’ small when I got there). My cashier didn’t scan my coupon either, he entered a code so I ended up getting them for $6.50 ea.!! All total, I spent $25, saved $25 and still have $25 left on my FREE (with credit card points) ON giftcard!!

  • Don’t rush over! Just came from there and with all the advertisements and blog postings I read I thought for sure there would be a variety but there’s only 1 style. It has elastic waist, I didn’t think it was too flattering or worth it :(

  • Cathy Jesse Taylor – yep they sell out fast, but I wouldn’t base it online – in stores probably has better options.

  • Cathy
  • Cathy

    Do these sell out? I looked on their website and they only have one style per group (toddler, girls, and women). Is this one of those get up at 6 am things?

  • Pamela

    Is it only in store or online too? The idea of dragging 2 kids with me to the store on a Saturday is not my idea of fun lol

  • Stephanie

    FYI, the fine print on the coupon says: Offer not valid on Dress One Day Wonder merchandise. :( So can’t use it when buying the $8 dresses on Saturday…

    • Shannon

      right – one day wonders are normally excluded from coupons.

  • got it lol

  • i cant find the 20% off?

  • Monica

    Do u know if its all dresses or just the one in the picture?

  • Kris


  • Beth

    Any word yet on when they are doing their one day flip flop sale?