Kroger: Free KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce

This week at Kroger Stores, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce is priced at $1.00 each.  If you are a Savings Club Member, you can pick them up for free after coupon.

Buy (2) KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $2.00
use $2/2 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce Coupon  (savings club members)
Free after coupon

If you are not a member of Saving Club, sign up now try it for free for 30 days.  There is also a Savingstar Rebate available for KC Masterpiece, purchase $20.00 and get a $5.00 rebate.  Click here to add the Savingstar Rebate to your Kroger Store Card.

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  • melissa

    I’m just wondering why, when I click on your links to go to coupons dot com, there are always 3 random coupons already selected for me? Sometimes I see them and unclick them but other times they end up printing out and wasting my ink. Just wondering if you have an agreement with them or maybe you don’t even know that’s happening?

    • Shannon

      I have no idea why ! I didn’t even know its happening. I tried a few different links I have posted today and it appears out of the links i Posted today, only this one has it. Can you check like the milky way to see if you are seeing the same thing there.

      I appreciate the help trying to diagnose it :)

      • melissa

        Hmmm… okay, so apparently it’s not happening every time because I just printed the Milky Way one and that was all that printed (well, except a huge ad that went with it). But it has happened enough that I contacted them about it and asked them what the deal was. I got a reply that really didn’t address my question. I’ll have to pay attention to the next time it happens.

        But even now when I click on the link above, the first page I see has the $2/10 Smart Ones coupon, the $.50 Frenches honey mustard coupon, and the $.75 Apple Cinnamon Chex coupon already highlighted. Other times, though, I don’t see them on the first page to uncheck them, but they must be in there further because they print out then.