Kmart: Big Layaway Giveaway – Win $500 for Christmas

This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart Layaway blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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Could you use an extra $500.00 for Christmas Shopping this year? I sure could!    Check out the Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway!  From now until November 17th,  Kmart will be giving away $500.00 a week at each of its stores,  for a total of 12,357 layaway winners.
The holidays are close, with less than 95 days until Christmas , and shopping season is here. Sticking to your holiday budget and sticking to your family’s Christmas holiday gifts list is less challenging with Kmart’s free layaway. For a limited time, services fee’s are waived on 8 week and 10 week Kmart Layaway.
Think about using layaway each and paying your balance down over the next few months. It is very important to stick to your budget and layaway is a great tool to do this.
Kmart’s Layaway program, you can shop for virtually anything online and instores. Just take your items to the Kmart layaway counter or add to your shopping cart online. If you are wondering how Kmart’s Layaway stacks up against the other stores:
Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg
Layaway online is simple. Simple click on “shop layaway” and begin adding the items to your cart. The items that qualify for layway will indicate “available for layaway” in the product comments.
Check out some of these items I was able to find online that qualify for Layaway.   Many of these items are on my family and friends Christmas Lists.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Color
  • Dell Laptop
  • LeapPad Learning Tablet
  • Dream Lites Pillow Pets
Be sure to check out the details of the  Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway! Happy Shopping.

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  • Alberta Gentleman

    Every store has a winner each week.

  • Alberta Gentleman

    I won week 10 but it was only a $20 gift card. I was disappointed. I guessit was better than nothing. The cntest is misleadin. It says Win $500.

  • e schwab

    I was just informed I won week 10!!!!!!! Wow!,,, thanks kmart!,,,,

    • Anonymous

      That’s odd, I too was just informed via a voicemail from Kmart and ePrice that I was winner of week 10?

  • elizabeth

    I wish I can win the layaway give away for the past 5 years if been the head of the household its been really hard for me. To be able to give my kids an extra xtra for xmas toys for my son his 7 years and also a brand new bike. My son who’s 16 years his been asking for a playstation or xbox unfortunately I can’t I only can buy grocery and gas money. And still have to struggle to make it for the entire week until I get paid. I wish there was a miracle that hopefully who ever doesn’t have a job. Can be able to have one. And for next year everone can be able to have a better year. Health and most of all to love each more and be appreciate what we have in live.

  • Rita Ledb…..

    Thank you Kmart,God is good I was a week 8 winner yesterday, I am so grateful

    • Jessica Turner

      Did they email winners? Do you know if there is a post somewhere?

  • Cherie Schmidt

    I just won week 8!!! Thank you so much Kmart I really needed this. You just made me one happy mom for Christmas.

  • Adrienne Slaughter

    It would really be. Blessing to win this, I had stop being excited bout christmas sence my mom been gone, but even more lately with this LUNG DISEASE called SARCOIDOSIS WHICH WON’T ALLOW ME TO DO MUCH OF ANYTHING, MAINLY CHRISTMAS SHOP!!! I tried black Friday to shop and made it to K Mart and put me a TV on layaway because I couldn’t take the heavy crowds due to lack of oxygen in my blood stream so I move VERY VERY slow! So because I pushed myself black Friday I ended up in the HOSPITAL THE DAY AFTER! (THINK OF ME AT CHRISTMAS)

  • Shemeka

    Hello im a mother of two todlers and a 6month baby. This year will ba a hard year for me because I want be able to get my children anything. I will be truely blessed an greatful if I win . God bless you all on this christmas.

  • jessica

    I just won!!! It was a total blessing to me! I definetly needed the help and the uplifting!!! Thank you so much kmart!

  • MJ

    In our bleak economy I think we all struggle, especially through the holidays. Christmas does not look very promising for us this year either. I work a part time job, my husband gets SSI. We are very blessed with a beautiful bright 15 year old daughter and a handsome witty 9 year old autistic son. If it weren’t for Kmart Lay A Way we would not have any sort of christmas. I try to instill in my children that it is about god and family. The gifts are just a bonus of the holiday. My biggest sadness of this time is that I do not have extra to give back to less fortunate. The best I can do is turn away any help that is offered because there are so many more that are way less fortunate than us. Congrats to those that won in the drawings and to those of you who are less fortunate may god bless you this holiday season and may you find your guardian angel(s).
    God Bless All and Merry Christmas!

  • christie

    It would be really nice to win because I’m a mother that’s really struggling with no money ‘and no car for a while and live country Sid and work in Wahiawa I’m a single. Mom with 5 children and I work and do schooling its very hard but I got to do it so if I do win I would get what all my children need then myself.

    • linda

      I read your post and i just won at kmart and we have been blessed i feel really bad i would like to buy your children a gift for xmas . I don’t have much but we are not hurting. Can you please email me at linda.zengen@Gmail. Com.please only the person who wrote this i am not rich just want to give back

  • Trista Williams

    I just won! Unfortunately I had already got my stuff off layaway but I still get a gift card! Thanks Kmart!!!

    • For the Mommas


    • Anonymous

      How much was your gift card Trista? Mine was $20.

  • maylinda

    Christmas is about giveing to others with nothing its a blessing to give then to raesive and I love to sher that blessing with my family that all ways try there very best to give all they can give but really theres not much I can give back so im asking you kmart if u could bless me and
    my famliy with this alsome giving in jesus name I pray amen ……….

  • aisha jennings

    I have two boy one is 8 and the baby is 1 and I need this help Becaus I’m a single mother on 1 income and is not enough to take care of them with bills and rent and take care of my father who is sick and live with me it is a lot on me and it would be just wonderful is this happen for us then I know I have no worries my boys would have a very very wonderful Christmas

  • heather

    I would love to win this.

  • Kristi Davis

    I won the week 4 layaway giveaway! Thanks k mart :)

  • i would love to are giving ma a chance to have a christmas for my 4 hope is great i belive i found this website by faith. no money need the help god bless you happy holidays

  • shantell

    I will love to win because I am a single mother of 3 an they are 6 am 3months twins. an they have nobody but an I am not working an just want to see a smile on my olds face

  • linda

    It would be nice to win the sweepstake. Because i have a big family that would help me alot . Incuding i am a proud grandmother of five grandchildren and i would help them get what they needed.

  • pamela

    I would love to win my kids would have a great Christmas if I won and I would really b blessed.

  • Samantha Sherwood

    Would just b nice not to have to worry :-)

  • Anonymous

    I hope I can get’d be a true blessing.

  • Im a mother of 7 children im just thankful for everyday that god gives us yes im poor no I dont complain good luck to the winners and have happy holidays

  • I work 40 hours a week and still have no money for xmas. My paycheck pays the bills and that all. I have 3 grandkids and I don’t want to let them down for xmas. I have been looking for a 2 job. . I sit with ppl for a liveing and its still hard

  • chekeita howard

    It would truley be my blessing that my name get pull.i‘m a single parent of one,always in the hospital for the holidays.trying to fight my battle with sickelcelldiease.i never get to spend the holidays with my child.i will like to be home this year for the holidays…it would help me out a lot for my child wish for christmas…#blessed#

  • I am a loyal kmart customer n would love to send u a picture of 3bundled up children if I get the layaway

  • shronda

    I would love to win the gift card im a single mother of 5 ….

  • Ana Crosby

    I am single mom with 4 kids , hope this may bless .

  • cat

    Seperated & goin thru a divorce, my wife ran out of unemployment and has two boys living in a house thats foreclosing. The boys are not mines but i raised one of them since he was (2). I on the other hand am currently residing with my sister and paying for two living expenses givese no sense of winning by any means. I know xmas is around the corner and winning that $500.00 would definitly help everybody in my situation. A bill, a xmas meal, my sister and her family for helping me out, warm clothes for work, any thing…i jus know that it will help a great deal.

  • Stephanie Seeward

    I would love to win the gift card. MY family had a house fire a couple mouths ago and lost everything and now with Sandy they lost everything again. Ii would really help them outwit getting them gifts for there grandkids.

  • Would be so blessed to win anything .

  • I would love to win it. But Honesly I cant lie… I am married and have two wounderful kids, and yes we do both have jobs, how ever my job is only part time and I make under $9 bucks an hour, most of my check goes to the babysitter. my husband works as a landscaper however he also makes very little, we literly live check by check. A few days ago I asked my son that is 6 years old what he wanted for christmas and he named me all kinds of different things, everthing from toy story, to car, to action figures and I mentioned to him that he could only get one thing, It broke my heart when he told me that both my husband and my self both worked and never bought ourself anything, he said no mom im going to tell santa to give you a better job so that you can spend ti,e with me and color some books. :)

  • As a brain annyerism hrandmother of innocent 7,5,&3yr olds n #4 in january, I dont have toys in layaway, I have jackets, boots, & shoes n could use some kindness after I swore my daughter was a blue light special. Thank u for having layay, merry xmas

  • I wish I could win i’m a single mom I have 3 children and I really need help with my Christmas it would be a big blessing for me and my kids thank you Kmart ! Have a bless day !

  • melissa marimon

    I am single parent with three kids and hope this may bless come my way.

  • kita hannah

    I t would be a true blessing for my family. I have been praying that i get chosen may gad bless.

  • Paula Robinson

    I would love to win my family is going thru very hard times thanks for this chance

  • verria moore

    dear Kmart. I would love to win so bad I have 2 kids 1 is 6 years old in the other is 7 months and I stay at a motel I really have money to take care of myself and my kids.

  • jennifer williams

    I think this the sweetest thing yet around the holidays. Times have been so bad for everybody. And for all of us to think their is a chance to have a good Christmas for our kids. I just want to say thank you. And also do y’all give out a list of the winners each week …….

  • Tennille Thornton

    I would love to win one of the giveaways to help brighten my baby xmas up. I’ll also buy my nephew & niece a gift. I’ll put a smile on a few kids faces.

  • Latoya jackson

    I have two kids and would have to say it is very hard paying rent and bills and have very little left I hope I win so my little one could have a xmas this year

  • madelin lugo

    I would like to win and donate it

  • Chris martin

    Way to go Kmart. What a great way to help out others

  • Chris martin

    I think this is great. Way to go KMart

  • khadijah horne

    I would love to win i have three kids and i have not had a chance to buy my kids anything for the past 4 years so if i can win this for my kids i will be so happy thank you

  • Geneva Asselin

    I would love to win this so I could buy my three grand children Christmas presents

  • i would love to win this single mother of six no job justvtrying keep roof over our is important then anything else would love to get kids toys for xmas