Heads Up: Free Kellogg’s Cars Promo Code

Stephan, our  “super man” shopper here at FTM, emailed me to let me know that he received an email from Kellogg’s today with a free code for the Kellogg’s Cars Cash Promo.

Well, sure enough, I checked my email – I found a free code in my spam box.

If you are not sure how the Kellogg’s Cars Passport to Adventure Promo works, you get all the details here.

If you are not signed up with Kellogg’s, you can sign up here.

You can still do the Kellogg’s Deal at Weis thru tomorrow!

Thanks, Stephan

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  • Sue

    I am also looking for 1 code for the cars promo. I sent a message to Kelloggs, and was told “says right on the offer, subject to availability of products. If any one is willing to give one up, please email to suesam5@sbcglobal.net

  • LL Thompson

    I only need 1 more code to get the $5 gas card. If anyone would be willing to give me a code that would be greatly appreciated. I can not seem to find anymore Kellogg products around here that still offer the car codes or I would buy a box myself. Thank you in advance.


  • jennifer

    uf anyone has any unused codes could you please email them to me? i need a few more to get my lil man some stuff and i cannot find any boxes anywhere!!! i guess bc the promotion ends next month….my email is italianadvice@gmail.com. thanks so much! oh and fyi…i never got a free code when i signed up either! just a welcome email …

  • Susan Wilson

    cant find products. i need at least one code ty

  • Any body have 2codes

  • lisa

    I’m looking for 1 code to get my son the spy pen….anybody have one to spare?

    • Cathy

      Lisa, what is your email? I have one code.

      • Melisha

        Cathy, If you haven’t given your code away yet, I could use it to get my son the pocket translator…my email is girlieshroom@yahoo.com…I feel bad cause he unselfishly told me to get the spy pen for his sister first, but now I can’t find the cars2 boxes anywhere….please & thank you!

  • mike

    i’ve submitted 5 cards thus far…the marked boxes are getting harder to come by

  • heather

    Never received a free code when I signed up_ Just need 1 more to cash out and can no longer find cereals that have this offer. Where is everyone finding their codes now? Thanks in advance


  • kolin

    my e-mail please and codes will help kajy4life25@aol.com

  • kolin

    hey if there are any unwanted codes i will take them trying to get my younger brother a socer ball and a pocket translater, 2-5 codes will help so much!
    thank you

  • brady

    hi my was name is brady i was wondering if u had some spare promo codes for the kelloggs cars 2 i am trying to get the pocket translater and i have 1 promo code
    and u can e-mail me at camarolover00@hotmail.com thanks (i prefer e-mail)

  • melissa

    Hey, speaking of codes, has anybody noticed that on the Huggies Enjoy the Ride page, there’s a place again for a promo bonus code? Anybody seen one of these anywhere?

  • Jeremy

    hope i get one too..already submitted for (2) cash cards

    • Shannon

      Hey there you are! I just thought I hadn’t seen you on last night.

      • Stephan

        Haha thanks Shannon for mentioning me ;) I like the super man part :P
        Now I have to figure out where I can get decent deals on the participating cereals. I knew I should have gotten more at RA last week ;)