Gold Medal Flour Coupon | Save $.25/1

There is a Gold Medal Flour Coupon available to print.   (Note, this is a different value than the one that was available last week, so hopefully you will be able to print it again).

Value: $.25/1 Gold Medal Flour Coupon  5lb bag or larger.

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  • Tabatha Keener-Fletcher via Facebook

    I got it, thanks! Will go great with a sale at Giant Eagle this week! :)

    • Stephan

      yeah, one of the few sales at BigBird lately. I don’t really shop there any more, too expensive and no sales the last couple of weeks…

  • Stephan

    Nice! But I still have some higher value ones that I need to use.
    B.t.w. if you need All Purpose flour just get it from ALDI. Way cheaper, even without any coupons.
    I just use the Gold Medal flour ones for my special bread flour

    • Shannon

      I learned alot about flour this week Stephan — its not all the same – it was crazy. We will have to have a discussion LOL

      • Stephan

        ok let’s start… to me, all purpose is all purpose…

        • Shannon

          Ok but all purpose isn’t the same by all brands. We took 11 different brands of all purpose flour and added the same amount of water to each. The results were totally different.

          Each company uses a different ration of hard/soft wheat in their all purpose flour. So the with more hard wheat, the more protein in it. The cookies turned out very different, some where almost bread like eck.

          Bread flour is hard wheat, so that is why some all purpose flours when substituted at a certain ratio, isn’t that bad for breads.

          So thats why sometimes a recipe doesn’t turn out for us bakers… so if you find one that you like and try substituting another brand, and your cookies, cupcakes whatever, taste different that is why!

    • Sunny

      I don’t care for Aldi flour. It’s very lumpy and clumpy even despite sifting.

      • Stephan

        I never tried it, I usually get my flour from a bakery for my bread, or I use whole wheat, spelt, cornmeal, and all types of other flour from the store… Don’t really use that much all purpose…

  • Jen Himes via Facebook

    Yup…printed fine for me!