Glad Trash Bag Coupons | Save $1.85/1


There are two new Glad Coupons available to print.  You will need to watch the video to get the values to increase.

 It is rare to see such a high value trash bag coupon, so print yours now!

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  • Nicki

    Elizabeth- Same with me yesterday!

  • Elizabeth

    I clipped and pressed printed but nothing happened. Now it says i already printed and can’t do it again. :(

  • Meg

    No problems this morning. Thanks!

  • Ketta

    Yes, it’s only one print… I thought I could sang two from each computer, lol…

  • Pam

    Same here! It won’t let me print. Keeps saying I’ve already printed and I haven’t. SUCKS.

  • Nice value!

  • Lisa

    Agh…it simply would not let me print me one, and when I went back to the coupon page, it showed I had printed it. So frustrating!

  • Ugh just bought those today. But Walgreens is on sale for $6.99 40ct.

  • Sandy

    Still avail at 10:30 pm

  • ronda

    i got the same message saying it couldn’t print the $1.85 coupon after i watched the video, but it did print out the $1.35. ????anyway, family dollar has these on sale for 2/$9.00. price match at walmart and using these makes for a great deal.

  • no but u can only print once

  • Pam

    8:19pm EST and I just tried to print it. It came up with a message saying it did not print because it is no longer avail. It let me watch the video, select it but not print it.

    • melissa

      I just printed one successfully at 8:42 pm EST. Wonder what happened with yours.

      • Pam

        yeah thats just my luck LOL

  • Nicki

    For some reason, the coupon isn’t printing. I’ve tried different browsers and still no luck. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Laura

    I just bought 2 boxes of these at Target yesterday because they were on sale and B2 get a $5 gift card – go figure! :)

  • Bethany

    awesome! not 5 minutes ago I explained to my husband that I bought a small package of another brand until I could get to walmart where I normally buy the glad ones we always get!

  • Ashley

    What video are we supposed to watch to get the increased values??

    • melissa

      Click on the “play” triangle on the coupon. A video will come up and begin playing automatically.

  • Ashley

    “You will need to watch the video to get the values to increase.” Please explain which video to me being a newby;) Thanks!

  • it is only one print?

    • melissa

      The couple of times I’ve done these types of coupons, I’ve only been able to get one print.

  • use the drop down and select Glad.

  • ok found it in the rotating banner.

  • Target had some 120ct force flex on clearance the other day for $6.75! keep an eye out!

  • i can’t find it