Crayola Coupons | Crayon Tower or Dry Erase Activity Center

The $4.00 coupons are gone.  The coupon value is now $2.00.

There are new Crayola Coupons available to print on Facebook. Limited to 5,000 prints each

Value $2/1 Crayola Crayon Tower and $2/1 Dry Erase Activity Center

Looking for more printable coupons?  Check the coupon database.

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  • Ann

    There is also a rebate available. $3 rebate for eight different crayola products. It is called Great Last Minute Gifts rebate.

    • D

      this rebate is supposed to be for TRU only, though…

  • woohoo got 2 of the $4 ones. got one of each. Thks! :)

  • it says $2/1 on all of the coupons

    • Shannon

      they drop it down when they hit the 1,000 – now they will give away another batch.

  • $4 are gone..but $2 is still available..

  • I got 2 of the $4 off ones and am price matching TRU add at Walmart :)

    • D

      Just be careful – the TRU ad says $7.99 but that’s after rebate, it’s $10.99 on sale. Rebate is exclusive to TRU…I was going to do the same thing til I saw that.

  • Heather Morgan Redding via Facebook

    Mine says $2.00 off, must have missed the $4 one.

  • Already down to $2…that went fast!

  • Thank you!