Colgate Optic White Coupon | Free at Walgreens

There is a new Colgate Optic White Coupon available to print

Value: $1/1 Colgate Optic White Coupon

If you can print two, you can use this to pick up free Colgate Optic White at Walgreens this week

Buy (2) Colgate Optic White $3.99 each
Use (2) $1/1 Colgate Optic White Coupon
Pay $5.98
Get $6.00 RR
Free after coupons and RR

or you can try this deal at CVS

Colgate Optic White $2.99
Use $1/1 Colgate Optic White Coupon
Pay $1.99
Get $1.00 ecb
$.99 after coupon and ecb

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  • ronda

    we have several walgreens. i try to go to the same one on sunday morning when it opens. only like 2 of us couponers are there that time of day. the stores here receive trucks on saturdays mornings and put stock out by 1 pm. there is one walgreens here that is open 24 hours and they get more stock than the others. hope that helps someone.

  • Nicole

    At my local Wegmans they have these on sale for $1.99 and with the $1.50 coupon that expires tomorrow it ends up being .49 cents.

  • sara

    I believe there is a $1 CVS coupon for this as well that you might be able to stack with a MC. It’s a strange on though because the barcode and number seem to be that of a MC but the coupon says CVS on it and there is no remit address. I plan to try this later this week.

  • Kate C.

    There is actually a CVS coupon on their website for $1/1, not sure how long it’s been there and when they posted it, but I printed 2 today :) Moneymaker :)

  • Erin

    Anyone know where to get any optic toothbrush coupons? I used all of mine. Are there any printables for that?

  • Erin

    I asked someone at my walgreens when they get their order so I knew what day to come back. For my walgreens (Abington PA) its Thursday!

  • Randi

    I have the same problem with my Walgreens never having any of the items in stock.

  • lagata

    i went to walgreens and they told me that $2/7.98 deal is only on saturday :(

    • autum

      I was told that too just because it’s advertised under the “Saturdate” we usually see in their ads. The shelf was labeled that the 360 (not optic) was included the surround, in the deal but when I went to purchase it only spits out a $2 reward, so I asked the manager for the other $4 against his better judgment, not that it’s my fault, I’ve been running around and I deserve it this time.

  • Ruth Jenkins

    There is also a coupon for 1.50 off the toothpaste and .75 off the toothbrushes in the SS 9/11 (exp 10/1) so this is a moneymaker for the toothpaste and very cheap toothbrushes. I have been getting them all week.

  • Sue

    Great deal but none of the Walgreens around me have the toothpaste. Getting a little discussed with company’s running great offers/sales and then not having the products.I think they do it to get you in the store and then think you will buy something else. At some point it’s false advertising. Funny the day after it’s off sale, the product is on the shelves,hmmm.

    • Ruth Jenkins

      We, couponers. have to take it easy on the stores now that a lot more people are couponing. I shop daily so I know a lot of managers in the local stores and they are frustrated with demanding couponers. There is not umlimited stock at stores a because a store like Rite Aid, CVS, Walgrenss can’t stock 100’s of tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc, it is just not feasible. Making more store deliveries or moving into a bigger space would cost more money therefore they would have to raise their prices.
      Deals like this one go fast and Walgreens receives shipments once a week therefore they can’t keep it stock. When customers can get stuff that will actually give them money back, of course they will stock up on it.
      Walgreens tries hard to keep stock. One of the managers at my local Walgreens told me that sometimes she goes to the other stores with less traffic to get more product for her store so that couponers won’t complain as much.
      As a couponer, I’m thankful that the store offers these deals and that I can get free toothpaste for my family. If I go to one store and they are out of stock, I will go to another store or return when they receive their shipment.

      • Natalie

        I am actually an employee at Walgreens. Thank you so much for your defense. Our managers, most notably at my store, go out of their way to get products in our store to make sure people have what they want when they come in by doing transfers from other stores. It is not that we do not carry enough products because we get a large amount of items before the sale goes up, it is just that there is a larger amount of couponers now and they really do fly! Believe me! It is important to get there early. Another trick is to NOT go to a 24 hour store, but find one with limited hours and show up right when the doors open! Good luck!

  • Tashia

    My walgreens had the Optic White on sale 2 for $7.98 with the $6 RR.

    Still a good deal :)

    • Tashia

      Nevermind…I realized what the deal was before typing that…sigh