Coke Coupon | Save $.99 on 1

RED FLAG – PLEASE READ – There are some really gross people who decided to tag Coke’s page with disgusting photographs. They are not Cokes photos, but they show up if you click on the photo tab.. TRUST ME – DO NOT CLICK IT. 


There is a new Coke Coupon available on Facebook.   Click on the AHHH Giver and  send a personalized greeting to a Facebook friend.  Your friend can watch their greeting and print a coupon at the end of the message.

The Coke Coupon is good for $.99/1 Coca Cola.

Thanks, Maven of Savin

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  • I sent it to my husband, and ran through the application, and it said “sorry, this coke is spoken for >”

  • Brandi L

    I got an error message the first time I tried to print the coupon. I reloaded it and watched it again and the coupon did print. Yay!
    I tried using the back button to print twice; it didn’t work. But I did get it to print a 2nd unique coupon by using my history tab.

  • Judy

    I was able to send the message, but I did not get a coupon.

    • Shannon

      you dont get a coupon, your friend does.

  • flo

    I cant seem to get it to send the message. It keeps saying error :(

    • Elyse

      The same thing happened to me when I used IE. I then went to Google Chrome and had no problems.