Coffee-mate Coupon – Save $1.00/1 Creamer

Head over here to print a $1.00/1 Coffee-mate Coupon. Keep an eye out for clearanced holiday flavors to pick up some great deals!

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  • Marlene

    I tried to redeem coupon but store refused to take it BECAUSE it does not state on coupon where the store is to mail it to get the money. Also, there is no SKU on the coupon. So, it was a waste of my time.

  • Angie

    Thank you for the coupon!

    I tried using this coupon at Jewel Osco because they have a holiday flavor creamer for $0.99. They (the cashier and the store manager when I asked for him) told me I could not use it and by the looks of the store policy there is nothing that applies to this scenario. Do you have any suggestions?

    • For the Mommas

      Did they say WHY you could not use it?

      • Angie

        They said i could not use it because the coupon exceeded the value of item.

        • SUSAN

          I will tell you WHY! Manufacture coupons only allow 2 printed coupons with the same sku number. The stores like Smiths Food and Drug will only allow 2 manufactured coupons with the same sku number, but you must buy the same product with individual coupon, or they’ll ACCUSE you of Fraud, like they did me here in Nevada. I showed them and explained to them there isn’t any rules or regulations stating that in their coupon redemption. I have a savings using my digital coupons and load them on my Smiths shopping card , every two weeks is $71.00. Good luck to you, just be careful.

  • Sue

    Thank you for this coupon.