March 2014 Catalina Deals: General Mills, Fruttare, Campbells & More


March 2014 Catalina Deals

Here is a list of the catalina deals that you can expect for March 2014. These catalinas have been confirmed at the stores listed. Please let us know if you see any other catalina deals!

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  • Ruchama

    I bought five boxes of Ziploc bags and three Larabars at Giant, and got a Catalina for $1/1 Lean Cuisine Wrap Additions.

    • Shannon

      he he that is a funny combination Ruchama!

      • Ruchama

        Yeah, I seem to live in Bizarro Catalina World. I keep getting ones that no one else has gotten, and that really make no sense. Bought some Almond Breeze almond milk and got a Catalina for Silk almond milk last week.

  • Ruchama

    I got one for Afrin at Rite-Aid. Not sure what triggered it. I bought Advil, Nasacort, and Mucinex Allergy.

  • Vicky

    I got the Shout, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge and Windex print-out at Giant PA, so it should work there too.

  • tiffany

    HI, I just shopped at pathmark yesterday and got a $5 catalina had no idea why I got it. I check your site about new deals a saw this. So what I purchased was 8 boxes of betty crocker mashed poataoes .98 (sale until 3/6/14) used (4) .50/2 2/2 SS paid $3.84
    4 boxes of betty crocker fruit snacks 2/$3(sale until 3/6/14) used (2) .60/2 prints – $3.60 so total for these was $7.44 got back $5 catalina like paying .20ea. !!! great deal

  • Jaye

    I bought 3 pkgs of the Huggies snug and dry size 1 which are now packaged as 44 ct not the 50 they originally where at shoprite with my raincheck from Last weeks sale and a Catalina for $7 did not print and there was no longer a sign on the shelf about the Catalina. I went to another Shoprite and the sign was on the shelf about the Catalina stating it was good thru 3/20?. Did anyone else buy Huggies at Shoprite this week and get a Catalina? Is there someone to contact the Catalina company

  • Carolyn

    I LOVE the print feature on the Monthly Cat deals. I can choose what pertains to me and print! GREAT Organizational Tool! KUDOS! & thanks!

  • Missie Lizz

    The Classico is also working at Giant PA

  • Holly

    I received the Magnum catalina for $1.50 when i bought 2 at Weis!

  • Becky

    Huggies diaper and wipe Catalina works at Weis!

  • sue

    thanks for posting these

  • Ruchama

    I just bought four boxes of Dole Dippers at Weis, and got a Catalina for $1 off 3 boxes of Dole Dippers.

  • Rachael

    I did the YoKids catalina at Giant PA with success, as well as the Huggies diapers catalina at Weis with success