$2.00/1 Tombstone Pizza Coupon

You can get a $2.00/1 Tombstone Pizza Coupon on Facebook here. Coupons are limited, so be sure to print yours now.

Thanks, Briana

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  1. Frank

    So after you go to facebook, where is the coupon? I had three people stare at the page looking for anything that said coupon and they couldn’t find it. Is this how you run your business, by lying? Are you that desperate? I’m going to spread the word about you and the way you do business. The power of the internet is alive.

    • Shannon

      You are reading a blog. The post you looked at is from JULY 2010. really?

  2. Veggie Pizza

    I miss Tombstone’s veggie pizza. I can’t seem to find it anywhere for years.

  3. Jessica

    Did not get a coupon, all it did was post my “summer fun activity” to my wall..

  4. Love tombstone pizza