Organizing Loose Coupons

I use the simple file method for my coupons. Each week I put my coupons in a file with the date on them and put them in the file cabinet. I clip the coupons I need for the sales I am shopping. I previously tried to cut and keep a binder full, but it didn’t work for me. I may miss out on a few clearance deals. Typically, if I want it bad enough, I go home and clip, and return to the store.

I had a big problem though. My printed coupons, peelies and coupons I received in the mail were quite a mess.


I had several large piles of coupons laying around and they were expiring. So to solve my coupon mess, I purchase two small photo albums. (on clearance at Rite Aid). I bought two different colors. One for my food items and one for my household items.

photo album

I divided the photo album into sections using labels.


The coupons fit perfectly in the slots!


So now I will be able to atleast bring my lo0se coupons to the store with me!


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