Couponing 101 – Coupon Matchups

Couponing 101

What does it mean when you say use $1.00/1 04-05 RP ?

This means in that in the 04/05 edition of Red Plum Coupon Insert there is a coupon for $1.00/1 of that product. Other abbreviations for coupon sources are:

SS= Smart Source insert found in newspapers

PG= Proctor & Gamble insert found in newspapers

IP- Internet Printable – a coupon that is printed on the internet via different sources

Bricks- A company who provides many of the internet printables

UL – Unilever Insert found in Newspapers

Why doesn’t the value of my coupon match what you have here?

Regional papers have different values for different coupons, so your coupon maybe for more or less. If you are a Philadelphia area reader, I use the values found in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Other local papers may be more or less than this value.

Why don’t I have the coupon you have listed as a match?

Just like regional amounts are different, so are the actual coupons that may come in your newspaper inserts. If you are in smaller markets, you may not get some of the better coupons.

How do I know how many newspapers to buy and can you tell me each week?

That is a really tough question! Each of us has our own individual taste, so sometimes there are coupons that may appeal to me and not so much to you. I suggest you visit for the coupon preview each week and make a decision based on that. However, remember you may not get all the coupons each week. I buy a copy of the newspaper and check it out first. I never use the coupon previews as a definite list, I use it as what I could be getting. Once I look through the paper, I make a decision on what to purchase.

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