Tips & Tricks: How to Get Amazon Lightning Deals

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How to Get  Amazon Lightning Deals

The season of Lightning Deal Frustration is already here. You know, you go to get a deal and it is gone in under a MINUTE!

Here are a few tips to increasing your chances!

1. Have the Lightning Deals paged bookmarked.

2. Check the on 101 Deals to see the Lightning Deals posted early in the day.

3. Be on the Lightning Deals page 10 minutes before it starts.

4. Don’t try to click thru to the item, just add it to your cart from the Lightning Deal page. Many people take the extra step to click through and lose valuable time. Check the item out BEFORE the deal goes live.

5. If you don’t get the deal, be sure to get on the waitlist.

6. Not sure how to get on to the waitlist, check out this video below.

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