Kraft Catalina Update & Coupons

The Kraft Catalina is now confirmed printing at Giant and Weis.  The catalina is printing now thru 3/18.

Buy (3), Get $2.00 OYNO
Buy (4), Get $3.00 OYNO
Buy (5)  Get $4.00 OYNO

Here are a list of current  printable coupons to use with the Kraft Catalina. You can check for Kraft Insert Coupons here.

Here is a deal you can try at Weis:

Buy (4) Kraft Fresh Take $2.79
Buy (1) Kraft Natural Slices $3.59
Total before coupons: $14.75
use (4) $.75/1 Kraft Fresh Take
use (1) $.75/1 Kraft Natural Slices
Pay $9.75
Get $4.00 OYNO Catalina
$5.75 or $1.15 each


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  • cheryl

    I was just at my local spartan store and I got the cat and I didnt even know there was a deal going on. The kraft singles are on sale 3/5 and if you buy 3 you get $3.00 off your hamburger. So I got 3 kraft cheese, 1 lb of hamburger and a package of hamburger buns for 5.77 after coupons and then I got the 2.00 catalina.
    The catalina that I got states that you can get $2.00 if you buy 3-5 kraft products, $5.00 if you buy 6-9 and $10.00 if you buy 10. I cant wait to go back for more. I have plenty of kraft coupons.

  • jennifer

    I did the kraft catalina deal– bought 2 cracker barrel cheeses and 3 parmesean cheese, but it didn’t count the cracker barrel cheeses and gave me only $2 catalina. There was also a blinkie for $1/2 cracker barrel cheese plus it was on sale for $5 for 2 at Martins, and a $1 off 1 parm. cheese, so I thought I was doing pretty good until it didn’t give me the $4 catalina. Just a heads up if anyone wants to try the cracker barrel cheese.

    Going to try it tomorrow with the philadelphia cream cheese next with a coupon that was given out over the holidays– $1.25 off 3 philadelphia cream cheese.

  • Does anyone know if the 3 oz phila cream cheese is included in the Catalina cream cheese offer?

    • Colleen

      Or the new Indulgence spreads?

    • jennifer

      the catalina states: “5oz or larger only unless otherwise specified”

      And yes, the Indulgence spreads are included in the catalina deal!

      Here’s the complete list of what is included:
      Kraft Singles
      Kraft Parmesan cheese
      Kraft Natural Cheese (blocks, shredded, sticks, cubes, slices)
      Kraft/Polly-o String-Ums or String cheese
      Kraft cracker cuts cheese (4.5 oz or larger)
      Phildelphia cream cheese
      Philadelphia cooking creme
      Philadelphia Indulgence
      Velveeta Cheese product
      Cracker Barrel Natural cheese (this didn’t work for me )
      Cheez Whiz Process cheese
      Breakstone’s sour cream (16oz)
      Breakstone’s cottage cheese (16oz)
      Knudsen’s Sour cream (16 oz)
      Knudsen’s Cottage cheese (16oz)
      Kraft Fresh Take cheese and Breadcrumb mix
      Kraft Milkbite

      Hope that helps!

  • cheryl

    My local Glens market (a spartan store) is having a sale on kraft cheese for 1.49 for chunk, 1.99 for the big slices and 1.69 for the shredded if you buy 10 items. Since we go through alot of cheese I was excited to buy all 10. I did not know about the catalina until I got my reciept, and I got the 4.00. I am very excited to go back and get more with even more coupons but I dont know if there is a limit on the catalina.

  • Colleen

    If I’m planning to purchase 10 items, should I split them into 2 separate transactions or will (2) $4 OYNO cats print from the same transaction?

    • Grace

      You need to split them so you get the $4 cat twice. If you do it in one transaction, you will only get one $4 catalina.

  • Amy

    I just was at Musser’s Market (Family Owned Markets) and they are also printing the Kraft catalina.

  • Kristen