Target Black Friday Ad

The Target Black Friday Ad Scans are now available for viewing. This ad scan is in black and white, so some of it is hard to see. Hopefully, we will have a better scan soon.

Click here to view the entire Target Black Friday Ad.

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  • Sue

    They open at Thursday, Thanksgiving Day at 9 pm? That is just wrong.

  • Jenna

    These ads keeping making me sad LOL, I will be at my mother-in-laws 2 hours from the nearest gas station, 3 from Walmart and not a Target in site (and that’s during summer without snow, Im just hoping I wont be stuck on a snowmobile for most the trip). But I still cannot stop myself from looking at them like normal as they come out.

  • Definitely disappointed in this year’s Target ad

  • Rebecca G.

    Did anyone find any really good deals in this? I believe that so far nobody compares to Walmarts ad. I wonder how much of Walmarts ad will be online.