Rite Aid Black Friday Ad & Freebies 2013

Rite Aid Black Friday 2013

Rite Aid Black Friday Ad & Freebies 2013

Note: This is a  preview of the Rite Aid Black Friday freebies.  It looks like we will see quite a few freebies after UPR!

This List Has Expired


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  • Michelle

    Do they offer rain checks on these items?

  • Kristyn

    lots of great stocking stuffers!

  • Liz W.

    I’m not familiar with the up rewards program. Do you have to do something besides just having them scan your card to get the free stuff? Thanks for your help.

    • Stacie

      At rite aid all you have to do is buy the item, give them your coupons if any, and then scan your card.. The next day the up rewards you earned buying those items are loaded to your card, given you didn’t buy more of the items then the up rewards covered.. I.e you bought 6 carmax, but the limit was 5 the 6th one you bought doesn’t get the up reward.. hope that helps

    • Annye

      Liz, if you’re getting a Wellness card for the first time — or if this is your first time earning UP Rewards — ask the cashier to make sure your UPs will print on your receipt and NOT load to your card. Many people have complained about missing UPs that didn’t load to their cards, and you have less control over how they’re applied. I like having an actual UP coupon in my hand so I’m aware of when it will expire and can decide when I want to spend it. Hope that helps!

  • Stacie

    When would we know for sure if this is true or not?

    • Stacie.. 95% sure this list is accurate :

  • Stacie

    If this is true, I see alot of money makers in the list, given this is true and the coupons last that long

  • juvy

    love free item!

  • SherrieB