CVS Deals Week of 11/18: Lots of Freebies

Here is a preview of the deals at CVS the week of 11/18/12.  This is a 4 day ad and new deals will be available on 11/23/12.

There are a ton of freebies!  Yeah!



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  • Andrea

    I’m highly disappointed that they aren’t doing rainchecks this year for the items that they don’t have.

  • Nicole

    Is anybody going to try to go to a 24 hr cvs tonight at midnight to get these freebies??? I know I did last year and there were several of us couponers was actually pretty fun!

  • Mallory

    The CVS nearest me has $1.00 off peelers on the boxes of South Beach Diet bars … keep your eyes open! Good luck!

  • Erin

    At the pharmacy counter I found a stack of coupons for $3.25 off any thermacare product! This will make a nice money maker! I only took one but I’ll go back today and try to grab a few more to share!!

  • Holly

    I noticed some of the coupons you posted will be expired by then, ex Nature valley Protein bars, just so people don’t go looking and try to use them or don’t understand why their transaction may not come out right….happy shopping :)

    • Erin

      The .75 command coupon is expired too, but there was a .50 coupon in last Sunday’s smartsource that can be used instead!

  • Jenny

    Are the comand hook coupons pdf so we can print/use over and over?

  • Anonymous

    a lot of these are limit one per household. is it limit one per day, or limit one per card?

    • For the Mommas

      one per household, per card.

  • Caroline

    They want everyone to have lots of ECB saved up for Black Friday! I better make plans to go on Sunday or everything will be gone!

  • Kristen

    Aaargh! We’ll be visiting family in Michigan all week. I don’t think there is a single CVS in the whole state! =(

    • Hazelann

      There are tons of Cvs stores Michigan .

  • Lisa

    I am so excited! I also have a $10/$50 coupon so I’m excited about my shopping trip. I’m just hoping they don’t run out of everything by the time I get there.

  • Brittany

    Can you use ECB on the gift card deal? I am thinking I’ll have a lot of rolling to do if not!

    • Melissa

      No, it says on the EB that you can’t use it toward giftcards.

  • Lena

    I have been out of the USA for 3 months. No coupons in Russia – so sad. I am so glad I’ll be back exactly on Nov,18 and will be able to get all these deals!

  • Jason

    I got a $10 of $50 purchase last week that is good through next week which can be combined with a lot of these offers to end up paying very little. Keep your eyes open for these at the red machine near the entrance.

  • Alyssa

    i dont understand how the ECB works? can some please explain it to me. i just signed up for the EC card. is there anything else i have to do, or do i just buy the item and give them my card and its free?

    • r.p.

      the ecb is actually just a piece of paper that is given to you after your transaction. the amount is printed on it for whichever product you are buying, example, you buy the carmex and pay $1 (unless you have coupons for it), you pay the amount and then the cashier gives you an ecb, a piece of paper for $1. the ecb is good toward your next purchase (or transaction). my cvs lets me use the ecb by rolling them or using it on my next transaction. once you learn how to do this you can pay very little out of pocket (oop). hope that helps. there are videos on here and other sites to help you.

    • Jaime

      You have to pay the sale price (minus any coupons) up front. Then the ECBs print with your receipt for use on your next purchase. You can do multiple transactions though and use the ECBs immediately on your next transaction so you don’t have to pay a huge amount out-of-pocket.

    • Anonymous

      Thank u so much!! i get it now. i felt like a dummy. ill def be in CVS nect week =)

  • MM

    Okay, so CVS is pulling me back in after almost 2 years… (not a fan of the staff at my store)

    Have their rules changed at all? Are you still allowed to roll ECB on the same day?

    • keren

      i do at my store no problem! I think the only place you can’t use them on the same day is at Rite aid with their UP+ rewards

  • Amy

    Does anyone know if I use a Airwick coupon for $2 off 2 if I will still get the sale price of .99ea on both? I understand I would only get the $1 in ECB because the limit is one, but was not for sure about the sale price?


    • yes–you’ll get the sale price!

  • Johanna

    For clarification purposes! This is next week or this week??

    • Barb

      Next week.

      • Johanna

        thank you!

  • Sheila

    Goodness! Looks like they are giving the store away, lol.

  • Victoria

    *wipes drool from corner of mouth* WooHOO!!!

  • Allison

    AWESOME! Thanks for making my day!