CVS Black Friday Scenario

CVS Coupon Code august 2011Since Rite Aid has decided to stink it up for Black Friday, I am really thinking about going to CVS. I wish I had one closer to home.  Here is a two transaction scenario that you can do.  Honestly, you could break this up into smaller transactions, but with it being a holiday .. I presume many of you want to get in and out. This scenario was alot of work to put together – so a huge thanks to Amanda for her crazy spreadsheet – and yes I mean crazy.

If there is a typo or math error, please be polite – it happens and we really appreciate Amanda’s efforts.

Transaction #1

Buy (2) Colgate Toothpaste  $5.74
Buy (2) Theraflu Daytime or Multi-symptom 1pack   $1.98
Buy (1) Theraflu Caplets 8ct $1.87
Buy (1) Breathe Right 10+2Ct  $5.99
Buy (1) Benefiber Sticks 3ct  $1.49
Buy (2) Listerine Pocketpack 3pack 72ct  $5.98
Buy (1) Cepacol  $4.99
Buy (1) Finish Quantum 10ct   $2.99
Buy (1) Wet N Wild Festive Flirt Nail Kit   $2.88
Buy (1) LA Looks Gel   $2.49
Buy (2) Bayer Advanced 20ct   $0.99
Buy (1) Fiber One 90calorie Brownies 6ct   $3.99
Buy (1) Kleenex Cool Touch  $1.50
Buy (1) Carmex Lip Balm   $1.00
Total Before Coupons $43.88
use (2) $1/1 Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste, exp. 12/3/11 (SS 11/13/11)
use (1) $1/1 Colgate Printable you printed here
use (1) $3/2 Theraflu Product, exp. 12/3/11 (SS 09/25/11)
use $1.50/1 Breathe Right, exp. 12/31/11 (RP 10/16/11)
use $1.50/1 Breathe Right CVS Coupon
use $2/1 Benefiber Stick Pack, exp. 12/31/11 (SS 10/16/11)
use $2 off any Theraflue Multi-Sympton Sever Cold
use (2) $0.50/1 Listerine Pocketpaks or Listerine PocketMist, exp. 12/31/11 (RP 10/09/11)
use $1/1 Cepacol Product printable
use $1/1 Finish Quantum, exp. 11/30/11 (SS 10/23/11)
use $1/1 L.A. Looks Product, exp. 1/9/12 (RP 10/09/11)
use $1/1 Wet N Wild you printed here
use $2/1 Bayer Advanced Aspirin Product, exp. 12/31/11 (RP 09/11/11)
use $0.40/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars from the 10/2 SS
use $0.50/1 Carmex Lip Balm, exp. 1/31/12 (RP 10/30/11)
$21.98 after coupons
Get $41.02 in ECBS
Free + Overage

Transaction #2
Buy (1) Excedrin 8 Ct   $0.99
Buy (1) Advil PM 4ct   $0.99
Buy (1) Hershey King Size   $0.99
Buy (1) Be Cool Fever   $4.49
Buy (1) CVS Dental Flossers 90ct  $1.99
Buy (1) Advil 10ct   $2.99
Buy (1) Pepto-Bismol 4oz  $2.99
Buy (1) Starbucks Double Shot   $1.69
Buy (1) Phillips or Magnavox universal Remote   $6.99
Buy (1) Softlips  $2.00
Buy (2) G*U*M Toothbrush   $5.98
Buy (1) CVS AAA or AA Battery 4ct   $3.99
Buy (1) Mars Choc0late Singles 4 $3.00
Buy (1) Balance Bar  $1.69
use $1.00 Gum Toothbrush Coupon – Savingstar (register your CVS Card)
Total $40.77
use ECB from first transaction
Get $40.77 in ECB
Get $1.00 back in Saving Star Account

Phew. I am tired just reading that!

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  • Pamela

    Where do i find the spreadsheet? I don’t eant all of that stuff but trying to see which items have the ECB’s. Thanks

  • Helen

    I was wondering how you were able to get an overage on an item? For example the Bayer aspirin is .99 but the coupon is for $2.00. I tried to use two colgates yesterday, one mc and one sc and they said they couldn’t take both because it exceeded the value.

  • Erin

    I did these transactions almost exactly!! Only thing I couldn’t find was the Bayer 20 ct!! Thanks so much!!! My CVS was empty!! No one but me and three employees who all helped me find stuff!!! I was sweating by the end but so happy with how I did!!!

  • dragonfly1503

    thank you so much for all the hard work. i could have never done this with out you. my kids were so happy that we got our basic things we needed for 20 something dollars .. with 5 kids we saved big from all your hard work!!!!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!!

  • amanda

    I have to give a BIG PAT ON THE BACK to my local CVS. There was one 1, yes 1 cashier working and managing the whole store. There was about 15 people there when the store opened. She had things as organized as possible. AND when everyone was going through the store trying to find things everyone was helping each other, giving things out of their carts to others that didnt get a certain item. THEN, when we went to check out, seemed all of us ended up at the register at the same time. Everyone was so nice to each other, we were all chatting about the great deals, and the holidays and how nice and smooth everything was going. The cashier kept telling us how nice all the customers were being even though they had to wait.. I must say, it was a great shopping trip!! Everyone even did multi transactions…It was really a great feeling, especially after seeing all the awful stories about shopping at walmart on Black Friday Sales!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  • JAH

    I did 8 transactions including getting the coffeemaker and spent $.85 OOP :)

  • Suzanne

    Thanks to both of you ladies for all your hard work. Just got back from an awesome shopping trip and didn’t pay a cent oop. My favorite cashier was there and was happy to do three transactions. He was actually in awe at the amount of coupons I had. Lol! I felt like a champ and got alot of nice things. Thanks Amanda for all of your hard work and kudos to you Shannon for your continued dedication to this site. Now will someone volunteer to cook my turkey? Lol!

  • Amber

    Just got back from CVS and it was AWESOME!!!! I LOVE my CVS!!! I got nearly every ‘free w/ ecb’ item. I didn’t want to break up my transaction because I’m lazy;). I had $17 in ECB from last week and the magic coupon machine printed out my $5 beauty ECB. I paid $39 OOP and got back over $80 in ECB!!!!! My cashier said it was the longest receipt he had EVER seen. He called the manager up and she couldn’t believe it either! It was literally about 15 feet long. She asked if she could take my picture to send to corporate:) Now I just have to figure out how the heck to spend that much in a month!

  • Yumms

    Does any one know why there isn’t any match-ups for Walgreens black friday AD?

  • Andrea D.

    THANK YOU for putting this together! You guys are amazing and I appreciate all the effort that went into this!
    I just got back from my midnight run to CVS…followed these two scenarios exactly (minus the wet n wild and cvs breathe right Q’s which I didn’t have). I had $17 ECBs saved up for tonight, so my total OOP was under $9 for the first transaction, and I didn’t owe a dime for the second transaction after over $40 ECBs! Ended up with $40+ ECBs to use on some Christmas toys, which were BOGO. Yippee! Store was pretty empty except for a handful of couponers like me. Most of the items were placed on endcaps and very easy to find. Very fun and positive experience!
    Only problem is that now I’m wired but I need to go to bed (especially if I’m going to Black Friday shop tonight!). lol
    Thanks again!

  • Heidi

    Went out after midnight to my 24 hour CVS. Thanks so much for awesome scenario! I had to vary a little since my CVS did not have everything in stock. Still did great! $38.34 in ECB profit! I’ve never seen so many Extra Care Bucks!

  • Erica Mc.

    this list is awesome!!! Thanks for all that work! I know it must have taken forever!

    I’m not going out tonight or tomorrow… but wish you guys well and let us know if it all rolls right… :)

  • Andrea

    RP and SS are the inserts where the coupons are located, meaning RP=Red Plum and SS=Smartsource, the coupons we get in the Sunday paper…Hope that helps

  • Melissa

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry, I am new to this and still learning.
    What are the RP and SS in parentheses above in regards to the coupons/dates? Does it reference where the coupons came from?

    • Erica Mc.

      We were all new once Melissa.
      RP is redplum (name of the front of the sunday paper insert)
      SS is smartsource (name of the other big sunday paper coupon inserts..
      the dates usually refer to the date the insert was in the sunday paper.

      I know there is a abbreviation list somewhere…try a search for it or I bet there is something about it under a tutorial for our friends who are new to coupon shopping.

      Good luck and happy shopping!

      • Melissa

        Thanks everyone for your help!
        Melissa :)

  • Rian

    Going out at midnight for these deals! Wahoo!

  • I found a Finish cpn on the internet but nothing for Fiber One (and there’s nothing in my ad papers). Lindsey: If you see this could you share where you got the Fiber One cpn? =) Thanks!

  • Helen

    I believe the Theraflu daytime is .99 and you can only get one ECB.

    • Shannon

      there is only one ECB counted in, but you can get (2) For $1.98 and use the $2.00 off and get them both for free.

  • Johanna

    Don’t forget to look in cvs account online for $5.00 off $25.00 purchase. I have 2 – I am going to use. YEAH!!!
    You have to make an account under extracare card if you do not have an account already on

    Thanks Sharron for compiling this great list!!!

  • Renee Newlove

    I called my local CVS that is open 24hrs. I actually am going out tonight at midnight to get all of these great deals! Can’t wait. Hopefully I will beat the crowds! lol!

  • I think the Wet n Wild q is gone.

  • Wendy

    Wow! Thank you for all of your hard work. Awesome!

  • Jeannette Sparr

    A few items she missed that would also be free after ECBs:
    -Sheets Energy strips 10 ct $3.99
    -Theraflu Daytime/Multi Symptom travel size $.99
    -iChill Relaxation Shot dietary supp. $5.29
    -General Mills Fiber One bars (coupon online for .40/1) $3.99

    Have fun ladies, even all these aren’t enough to get me there! Lol

    • Shannon

      Jeannette, Actually most of them are there :)

  • @Tania – I betcha it scans, but it may be YMMV. The corporate folks say its good to go.

  • Michelle

    I saw you had two bayers but only used one $2 mq. Will cvs not allow the overage if I only got one bayer?

    • Shanta

      Great question Michelle, I was wondering that myself about the Bayer!!!!

    • Shannon

      Michelle, since they are $.99 you might have a hard time with using the $2.00 and them adjusting it down. Since this is alot of coupons for ease of the transaction, I am suggesting using one.

  • Erin

    I got a $3 breath right cvs coupon that printed with my receipt the other day! It doesn’t have a size restriction so I’m excited to use that with a man Q!!

  • Lindsey

    If your paper didn’t have the Finish Quantrum coupon or Fiber One (like mine), I was able to find them both on the internet. Couldn’t find the Carmex in my paper or the internet.

    • Shannon

      see my other posts for black friday, they both have links for the carmex —

      • Lindsey

        I printed the $1.00 to use with the rebate a month or so ago. Is that the one you are referring to?

  • Tania Escalon Simpson via Facebook

    guess it’ll be a YMMV ?

  • Tania Escalon Simpson via Facebook

    I called last week and they told me no

  • @Tania, double checked this coupon with CVS contact, they confirm it is a CVS coupon

  • Katie

    Thank you for all your hard work! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!

  • sonal

    why are you using two MQ and 1 cvs q on 2 colgate?
    cant you use 2 CVS q’s?

  • Beth Henry via Facebook

    This is great! I’d much rather pay $20 oop an have leftover ECB for next week than to try to arrange 13 transactions!

  • Danielle

    Thanks! VERY helpful!

    Question: The “CVS” printable for Colgate is coded with a “5.” Does that mean it’s a manufacturer’s coupon? I was intending to stack it with a Sunday Paper Coupon, but am not sure if it’ll beep…

    • Katherine F

      I thought the same thing. The CVS coupon is coded like a manf. coupon as far as I can tell and I am betting that you will not be able to stack it.

    • Shannon


      CVS seems to have some issues with their barcodes lately.

  • Tania Escalon Simpson via Facebook

    great post, thanks! However, you can not use both of the breath right strip coupons together…. the printable from CVS’s site is also a manufacturer’s coupon and states that it cannot be combined. Still a $1.50 MM is great!

    • Shannon

      Tania, According to CVS, its a CVS coupon and can be stacked. If you have read some of my posts, CVS has some issues with their coding and wording but are working on it.

  • Nikki Eddy via Facebook

    my frist CVS Black Friday also! I appreciate you putting this easy money maker together for us. If anyone is doing multiple transactions, I say be polite and go back to the end of the line for each one you do.

  • Lauren H.

    Love this! I made my battle plan last night, but I has somehow overlooked the CVS colgate coupon. Thank you!

  • Meredith Jarvis via Facebook

    Wow! What a lot of work you put into this…. Thank you! I was also looking at A Full Cup, where she has put together a scenario that is in 13 (!) transactions, and ends up being $.20 out of pocket. Not sure if I want to make them go through that but it sounds good. :)

  • Holly

    My CVS won’t allow a CVS stacked with a Manf coupon. :(

    • What??? That’s Ridiculous! That’s so upsetting! According to their coupon policy, you should be able to do that!

    • kristen

      Have you talked to the store manager? CVS policy does not differ from store to store.

      • Holly

        I tried to do it awhile back with the Skintimate shave cream. There was some question with the coupon so maybe it was reading the CVS one as a manf. The lady at the register told me I could only use one coupon per item.

  • he he David, Im not quite as cute as Adam :)

  • Thank you so much!

  • For the Mommas, if you could like Jagger…like Adam of Maroon 5. I’d marry you. lol

  • Christy Anne Myers via Facebook

    I’ve never done a drug store on black friday so is anyone actually successful with doing two transactions or do they not let you?

    • amanda

      The drug stores are usually slow slow slow, but that was before that crazy show came out on tv! My local store has never had any issues with me doing more than 1 transaction. I just always make sure after each transaction, that if there is a line of people I let other people go ahead of me..

  • Wendi – right I will just move like Jagger.. he he:P

  • You can do it, Go Shannon, So Shannon!

  • Amy

    WOW!! Awesome….def going to do this at CVS!! Thanks for all your hard work it is much appreciated!!

  • Thank you so much for your hard work ladies!! (Special thanks to Amanda’s Crazy arse spreadsheets lol). Speaking of spreadsheets, is one available for download to utilize? I have my own made up, but just would like to see how others are doing theirs.
    I double checked everything, and it all seems to work out great!
    Have a great black friday and super duper Turkey Day!

  • lol