What Does YMMV Mean?


Another weird word!   Last week we talked about what a catalina is.

So I use the term YMMV often in my posts. What does that mean:

It could mean Your Mileage May Vary, Your Market May Vary or Your Managers Mood Varies

What YMMV might mean:

  • This deal may or may not work for you .
  • This deal may or may not be in your store.
  • This deal is depending on your cashier’s mood
  • This deal is clearance and you may not find it in your store.
  • This deal is regional.
  • This coupon is regional and you may not be able to find it in your circular.

What YMMV does NOT mean:

  • You may not be using a coupon properly
  • You may get away with it
  • You may be going against the store’s coupon policy

So in general, a YMMV means you cannot count on the deal being at your store. I would say ALL CLEARANCE deals are YMMV.

Any questions about YMMV?

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