Walmart Christmas Layaway 2012

I know it is very early to talk about Christmas Layaway. But, Walmart Christmas Layaway is  coming back and its starting early this year.  You may want to use Christmas Layaway to get started with early deals.

Here are the details:

The Walmart Christmas Layaway plan lets you set aside the items you want at their current price and then pay for them over time in installments that work for your budget. You will need toopen a layaway account for $15.00 and make a down payment of either $10 or 10% of the item price, whichever is greater. Then you just pay as you go.

Valid on toys, Electronics, Jewelry, Small Appliances and selected Sports.   Check here to learn more about the Walmart Layaway for 2012

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  • Maria

    I have a layaway acct open at Walmart but I wanna take one item out can I? And just pay for the items still in there?!

  • Jackie

    I went through the same thing last weekend except I not only had more than a half a cart full of things I wanted to put on layaway, but also had my mother who wanted to put smaller items on layaway for her 18 grandchildren and great grandchildren she can not afford any more than 10.00 per kid living on social security but I guess Walmart does not care about their customers on social security. I myself had several things for my granddaughter such as pajamas, cute pillows, and slippers she has been wanting but I was also told “NO”, since when is pajames and slippers not a Christmas item not to mention all the hunting items I picked up for my husband I guess Walmart made the decision that items for hunting are not Christmas items either. I think what makes me the most furious about this situation is the lack of RESPECT for not only the customers who wasted hours shopping just to be told we could not put our stuff on layaway, but also for their employees who have to stand there and tell the customers they can not put their items on layaway they just spent hours shopping for, because it is those employees who get yelled at, and screamed at and questioned because of a decision someone in corporate made and was too chicken to advertise all of their stupid restrictions. Yes there are signs around the store with little writing listing the restrictions, and yes it is Walmart’s right to put restictions on Layaway all I am saying is if you feel so strongly about your decision then you should have advertised it, it should have been mentioned on the commericals have some respect for your customers and employees. We will be going to Target or K-Mart this coming weekend.

  • natalie

    Me and my husband went to walmart, filled our entire basket with toys, clothes, new bed sets and sheets and went to happly go put it on layaway. Come to find out I could only put half the stuff on layaway! No clothes, no bed sets and nothings under 15 dollars!!!!!!!!! Wasted my time picking out all that stuff!

  • me

    walmart sucks

  • Anonymous

    U guys suck just shut up with k mart

  • Cindy

    It is getting more and more that I am going to do my shopping at KMart. Goes in to Walmart to put some things on layaway for the kid, and gets to the counter with all the stuff. The gal says nothing under 15 bucks, and no clothes. Hello then what is LAYAWAY IF YOU CAN”T PUT THAT INTO IT? Opps I yelled FU** IT right to the both of them, and told them they can put the shit back out and walked away. That store is going down hill. Each store when or what they feel like changes thier own policy to suit them that day. The ad match is a joke any more.

    • motique

      I hear you I went to walmart to put some winter clothes and pj’s on layaway and they told me I couldn’t I was like that’s not right these are my girl’s christmas things not every kid just want toys for christmas. I left my cart right there and went to kmart. You would think they would have clothes included they don’t take up that much space in there trailers where they keep customers layaway items at.

      • Anonymous

        Lol you have no idea how much space it takes.

      • Anonymous

        Burlington coat factory has layaway

  • traci

    you’re better off taking your money and putting it aside every week and then waiting for christmas sales…. because if you put something on layaway and they put it on sale weeks later you don’t get the sale price

  • Toya

    No clothes?! Darn-it!! Anyone know the closest K-mart by Fort Worth/Dallas area??!

    • Anonymous

      If you get it out when it’s on sale you get the sale price.

  • mom

    does anyone know if you can put video game consoles and games in the layaway

  • Anonymous

    I think Wal mart should have layaway all year just like k mart. I also think they should allow us to put clothes on layaway as well… just saying :)

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. It makes it so that layaway is more about wants instead of needs. Kids need clothes more than toys. Yes that is what they crave for, but that’s not going to keep them warm on a cold day.

  • Anonymous

    Can you put ammo in layaway? Guns? Hunting gear?

    • Anonymous

      Does anybody know if guns are allowed in layaway

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like that each item has to be at least 15.00…that sucks

  • Bell

    This is excellent news! Just the other day I was telling one of my co-workers at Dish that more stores should offer layaway. It pretty much guarantees that some of their inventory will be purchased, and if they’re forgotten, at least the store made out with a small sum for holding this inventory. I’m definitely going to head to Wal-Mart for toys and clothes for my boys since I won’t have to pay for them upfront, and I’ll be able to get something for my hubby too. We have a Hopper now, so we have HD at all our TVs, except that the TV in our bedroom isn’t HD- it still has a VCR built-in! I know Wal-Mart has great prices on HDTVs, and since I’ll be putting it on layaway, I can now get a bigger one!

    • Tera

      Unfortunately you can’t put clothes on layaway at walmart. It totally sucks. It should include everything. but thats ok cause as of lately their selection for clothes has sucked. I’m going for toys and electronics for the kids and hubby

      • Bell

        Wow – no clothes?! Thanks so much for telling me, I can only imagine the look that would’ve been on my face when I learned that I had to put back all the clothes I so carefully picked out– lol!

        • Ms. North Carolina

          I know, clothes should be included in the layaway thats how people shop for their children!!!!!!!!!!!!!