Using Couponing to Donate

I love hearing stories like this!  Many people have perceptions of couponers as being hoarders and greedy.  I know that this is just not the case. For example, Joe, a regular reader here at FTM, is making this donation today.

Here is the note from Joe:

This is our 2nd big food donation to the Cupboard at Calvary, a Food Pantry Mission. We received a thank you letter in the mail from them for our last donation. They said it ended up being 118 food items, weighing 90 pounds. Wonder how this round will stack up! 

This is an example of how someone can use couponing to bless others.  Some of you may not love all the processed/packaged food that is offered, but there are REAL hard working people who literally don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Stephanie was able to donate this to her foodbank – all through couponing. She even had 60 yogurts to add!

So thanks  to Joe  & Stephanie – and everyone else who is donating to a cause. I know many of you would NEVER be able to donate because of your own financial situation, but couponing makes it possible.

Has couponing allowed you to help others? We would love to hear your story.

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