How To Use Savingstar Ecoupons {Savingstar Tutorial}

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How To Use Savingstar

Are you new to Savingstar?  This is a quick tutorial to get started with Savingstar.  Each week we post Savingstar offers here. You can check for new offers each week! 

What is SavingStar?

SavingStar  has grocery eCoupons are fully digital with nothing to clip or print.  All you need to do is add your cards to your account.

How do I use SavingStar eCoupon rewards?

SavingStar is a paperless way of saving with eCoupons that link to your existing grocery and drug store loyalty cards.

Here’s how it works:

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Join SavingStar for free and register your grocery and drugstore loyalty cards on SavingStar. (for example, your CVS ExtraCare card, your Stop & Shop card, etc.) You can join using Facebook or your email.

You can register your card by choosing your zip code and the stores. Click on the store you want to use.

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Then, click the eCoupons you want and they link them to all of your registered store cards.

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Then Click on and add your card number to your store.

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To add the the savings to your card, click I WANT THIS. Important note: Take the time to add them to your account even if you don’t think you will use it. Sometimes deals come up and it is too late because there is LIMITED stock. 


Once your offer is activated, you will see it say activated.  You are all set! Now you can go to any store that you have registered your card and start saving!

When you use your card at checkout like you normally do, your savings are automatically added to your SavingStar account within 2-22 days depending on when the store sends us the purchase data. (Note: the savings are not given at checkout in the store and they are not printed on your receipt)

How do I get my money back?

Once your accumulated savings in your SavingStar account reach $5, you can pick your payout from a deposit into your bank or PayPal account, an Amazon gift card. You will see congratulations you have earned X.. click your payout!

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If I have more than one store loyalty card registered, will the eCoupons load to all of them?

Yes! SavingStar eCoupons will load to all of your registered cards. When you buy the qualifying product(s) at any of the stores, we will reward you for the purchase.

Note that some eCoupons are designated to be available only at specific retailers. These will be marked with a yellow banner that indicates where they may be used (For example – Only at: CVS).

How do SavingStar One or Many offers work?

1. Buy in one trip or many – First, activate the offer. Then buy in one trip or many at any store where you have a card registered with SavingStar. Make sure to scan your card every time you shop.

2. Track your progress – Track your progress on You will receive your savings when you reach your goal. They will also email you after each purchase and when you’ve earned your reward. Progress & savings will post to your account within 2-22 days of purchase.

Note: Like other SavingStar offers, your grocery bill will not change – when you receive your savings they will appear in your SavingStar account.

If an eCoupon requires me to buy 2 or more of a product, does it need to be in the same transaction?

Yes, it does need to be in the same transaction. The exception is for offers labeled “One or Many” and clearly state on the offer itself “Buy in one trip or many.”
My grocery store is listed as a participating store but doesn’t have a loyalty card. How does this work?

Please click here to learn how to use SavingStar if you shop at Albertsons Market, Farm Fresh, Festival Foods, Hannaford, Hy-Vee, King Kullen, Raley’s, Redner’s, Roche Bros., Shoppers, Stater Bros., or Sweetbay.

Which stores participate in SavingStar?

Nationwide, over 24,000 stores participate in SavingStar, representing over 100 retail chains, see the entire list here.

Do SavingStar eCoupons stack with in-store discounts or manufacturer’s coupons?

SavingStar eCoupons are not intended to be used this way. Generally, manufacturers state that it is against their policies for shoppers to redeem more than one manufacturer’s coupon for the same purchase.

Using in-store coupons in combination with SavingStar eCoupons is not a problem. Using coupons from other services in combination with a SavingStar “One or Many” deal is not a problem.


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