URGENT: Ibotta Expiration Change?

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Just wanted to give you a heads up regarding the scenario I posted for the Ibotta Rebate.  Grace noticed when she logged in today the the $20 bonus when you buy 10 was ending tonight instead of 9/10/13.  I am not sure if this is a fluke or an actual change, but I wanted to make you aware to check  and hold off on doing this scenario.

Did your date change as well? Again, this could just be a GLITCH, but I wanted to make you aware just in case. 

Stay tuned as we try to find out the official word.

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  • Tracy

    Hey everyone I just wanted to tell you about the luck I had. I noticed some of the bonus offers on my wall were gone; autumn stock up, freshen up, and kitchen and bath. I didn’t find out about the expiration until after my shopping trip yesterday. I decided to scan the receipt anyways. I ended up receiving those “expired” bonuses anyways. Not sure why or how, but stay hopeful!

  • Julieanne

    I just looked at mine and all my bonus offers are gone :-( was planning on doing it tomorrow and Saturday but looks like I wont get to do it at all now

    • Yeah I think so many people are in this boat. Sorry julieanne!

  • Christie

    Mine changed, too. I got everything except for the $5 bonus for buying things on separate days. I’ll be fine without that-I was going to get things I don’t really need.

  • jen

    i really hope this is a glitch. there is a good chance I will just cancel ibotta if they go through with the change. It has already sucked up a lot of my mental energy trying to organize these deals! :). Thank you thank you thank you for the heads up! On another note, I had to contact them when they missd an item recently on one of my receipts and they said it would take longer than usual to get back to me because of these recent big promos. So who knows!!!

  • ash

    Yes, I am very upset. I went today and bought all of the items to get the 3, 3, 5, and 20 dollar bonuses. I submitted my first receipt, then have to wait until tomorrow to submit second for the 5 dollar one. Yet now my expiration date says 9/5 at 1:59am for every one of them, when it did say 9/10. I am hoping that i can submit at midnight my second receipt, but if i cannot, then Im returning everything. There is no way I would have paid over 60 dollars in toiletries at the super high prices if I wasnt going to get 43 dollars back!!!

  • Kelly

    Mine changed too. Seems kins of fishy to be changing dates after someone starts fulfilling the requirements. How do you do the 2 transactions/2 day bonus?

  • James M.

    I haven’t done any of the offers yet and all my Bonuses have changed to “expires 09/05/13 at 01:59am” Guess I’m out and about before they expire.

  • I’m so glad I saw this! Thank you for sharing! Mine expire 10:59 tonight (I’m PST). I only have 4 more things to buy, but will get $31.25 in my account for buying them. I don’t want to miss out so it looks I’ll be doing a little more shopping today.

  • Mar

    Mine changed, to today at 10:59 PM:(

  • carolyn

    I haven’t submitted any receipts yet but my dates changed as well.
    BOO-HISS Ibotta!!

  • betsy

    mine all say 9/9 at 10:59 pm

    • Ashley

      Have you done any of the transactions yet! Mine didn’t change until after I submitted a receipt.

  • Anonymous

    My expiration date changed as well. It seemed to change after I did and submitted the first transaction you show. Also, I got a $3/10 store coupon from the MCM at CVS that included oral care. I had to hand the cashier that coupon first, since my 20% on ad coupon from my newspaper insert would’ve reduced my oral purchase to under $10. All items were regular price and should’ve qualified for 20% off with that coupon but I only got $1.02 off. I’m going to ask a manager to compute.

    • The Queen of CVS

      It’s usually 20% after store coupons (the $3/$10 would have reduced your amount, also if you redeemed quarterly/beautybucks, it would’ve reduced it). HTH!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!

  • Kathie

    Mine changed for all the special offers.

  • Jason A

    Mine says that all the special Bonuses are expiring at 1:59am on 9/5.

  • ashley

    Yes, mine changed too! That’s so frustrating!!