Stockpile Price List | Decide on Your Buy Price

Earlier this year I did a series on Stockpile Prices. I am frequently asked what my stockpile prices are.  I am republishing this for the newer couponers.  Please be sure to read this entire post before using the lists.

This series has included Stock Up Prices on MeatStock Up Prices on Household Staples, Stockup Prices on Toiletries , Stock Up Prices on Pantry Staples and Refrigerated staples.

I have compiled all of these prices in a Printable Stockpile Price List that includes a place for you to write your own price. In addition, I have included a Blank Printable Stockpile Price List.

Remember, find prices that work best for you, don’t compare yourself to others, these prices are a starting point. I truly believe that these prices are obtainable for 85% of the FTM readers. However, it takes lots of work and time.  Find the price that best balances your time and money.

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