Stock Up Prices: Toiletries


I recently wrote a post on Stock Up prices for Meat and had lots of requests for my stock up prices on other items.

Today, I am going to cover toiletries. Tolietries can mean alot of things, so I am going to cover a wide variety of items. Also, I will list my stock up prices vs. my buy prices for these.  Since you can’t exactly not buy soap when you need it, I have a price where I will buy if I need, then I have a price where I will buy it even if I already have it.

Also, remember these prices are for items bought at drugstores, not high end products. Now, do keep in mind many of these items can be found for free  and many I will get for free on a regular basis.

Toilet Paper Double Roll $.50 buy price, $.25 stock up price

Shampoo (Regular Price $4.99 and under) $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price

Shampoo (Regular Price $5.00 or more) $1.00 buy price

Conditioner (Regular Price $4.99 and under) $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price

Conditioner (Regular Price $5.00 or more) $1.00 buy price

Soap $.50 a bar buy price, $.25 stock up price

Shower Gel $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price

Deodorant: $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price (does not include Suave)

Suave Deodorant: $.50 buy price, $.25 stock up price

Toothpaste: $.75 buy price, FREE stock up (You can always get free toothpaste!)

Mouthwash: $1.50 buy price, $1.00 stock up price

Toothbrush Manual; $.75 buy price, $.50 stock up

Toothbrush Electric: $1.50 buy price, $1.00 stock up price

Whitening Rinse: $2.00 buy price, $1.50 stock up price

Kotex: $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up (there are just too many opportunities for free Kotex)

Shaving Cream: $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price

Razors: (Disposable) $.50 each, FREE stock up price

Razors : (such as the Fusion, Venus regular price $9.99) $4.99 buy price, $1.99 stock up price
There are so many others, put a note in the comments to what toiletries you want to know my buy prices on and I will update this post!

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  • Please, oh please tell me how you find a stock up price for razors. Schick Intuition, specifically.

    I’m usually not terribly brand-specific….but they are ridiculously easy and I just won’t buy anything else!

    But it physically pains me to spend so much on them. Even with a coupon. Yikes!!!



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  • Dara

    Where do you get your coupon inserts? 1.99 for 5 inserts is a great deal!

  • Kristen,

    Paper Towels are my arch nemesis. Finding a deal is hard, but I wont pay more than $.25 a roll.

  • Kristen

    Paper towels, please!

  • This looks like a great list. Thank you!

  • Amanda

    My family goes through a ton of ranch dressing and frozen veggies. What about spaghetti sauce, noodles, cheese, soups, OJ? Granola bars and cereal, my price is .50 or lower.

    Everyone at my work makes fun of me, but I don’t care…I love getting a great deal! Thanks again for all you do!

  • Amanda

    Kelly–where in Wisconsin are you? I’m in Oshkosh :)

  • Jen

    I signed up for enfamil and similac and they sent me “checks”. You can use these at Target with manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon. They will also usually let you use more than one “check”. I try not to pay more than $2 a can or $.67 for the individual powder packets. But I didn’t need formula for the entire 12 months as I also nursed.

  • Jennie

    Just curious, how many papers do you buy on Sunday in order to have enough coupons to “stock up”? Many thanks!

    • Shannon


      Usually just 2 on a regular basis. Many coupons I use are online and I have 2 computers. If it is a good week I may buy up to 5 inserts, but you can buy 5 inserts online for $1.99 .


      • Joanne

        Shannon where can you buy the inserts on-line?

  • Weslie

    Walgreens has a deal on Lubriderm lotion right now- with the $2 manufacturer q + $1 walgreens q (in the diabetes & you booklet) plus the B1G50% off deal you could really stock up on some lotion.

    Or Rite Aid also has a $1 off coupon in their ad this week that you can pair with the $2 MQ.

    My Publix takes Rite Aid Qs, so I took my MQ and Rite Aid Q and got lotion for $0.79 on Sunday. :)

  • My family has chronic dry skin and we seem to go through bottles of lotion like water. I can’t decide what my stock up price should be. For instance, Target has the large bottles of Vaseline lotion on sale for $5 and I have coupons for $1 off. So is $4 a good price for a large bottle of lotion?

    • Shannon


      NOOO!!!! Lotion is an item that I won’t pay more than $1.50 for. If you absolutely must have it, then go ahead and buy it with a coupons, but seriously you can get it for cheaper. When you see it on sale, you must stock up, so that you never pay those high prices.

  • Rosie

    Thanks so much for this list and the link for the meat one too! I’m brand new at couponing and these lists – or any that you spend time to write up- are immensely helpful to us ‘newbies’. :) Laundry detergents, baby products, and other general grocery items are all things that I would love to see a ‘price goal’ sheet for also! Thanks again!

  • jami

    I’d love to get buy prices on laundry detergent, specifically detergent for high effiency washers. I just got a new washer and have no idea what a good price is for this detergent. Thanks for the help!

  • Snoogums

    Thanks for this info! Now I have an official list to post on the refrigerator.

  • Kelly

    Dish detergent, Laundry Detergent, & dishwasher soap. Thank you so much for putting out these lists. It truly helps. I live in WI so prices seem to be a little higher but at least I have a range to look for. Keep up the great work.

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  • this is **immensely** helpful– thank you!

    Are the ‘Kotex’ prices for pads or tampons (or both?)?

    Also, lotion would be a helpful one.

    And finally, I assume these prices are for the typical size products, (i.e.- 10-12ish ounce shampoo)?

    • Shannon

      I wrote Kotex meaning Pads. I didn’t think about Tampons. I don’t pay enough attention to tampons to give you agood answer.

      Yes this is typical 10-14oz shampoo

  • Dina

    Thanks for the posts. Just curious, how much of a stock pile do you plan for? 3, 6, 12 months?

    Would like to see a cleaning or laundry stock pile post in the future too.

    • Shannon


      Typically 3 months on most items. I find that the sales usually come in either 3 or 6 month cycles at the stores.

  • Cindy

    Thankyou so much. This helps tremendously. Will you be doing something for baby items: diapers, wipes, formula, clothing? I have seen deals for toddler jeans at $10 each or shoes for $20, but I’m not sure if I should buy ahead or just wait.

    • Shannon


      Ok I will put out a call for help on this one! I don’t have a baby anymore.. havent for a very long time, my son is almost 8. I am clueless.. .however, I will see if one of my blogging buddies will help me out!

  • Shirley T

    To what Amanda was saying – i would live to see pricing on fresh produce, frozen items and juice. Really anything in these catagories will help – at least help me :)

    Thanks and i must add you “ROCK”

  • Thanks for all you do for those of us trying to live frugally!

    You rock!

  • Kaci Railey

    I’m curious about the toilet paper prices. Where do you consistently find them at .50 and 35? Are you referring to buying, let’s say a 12 pack for 4.98 which equals to $42 a roll. Or, are you getting the whole pack for much less? (Man, I want to know how to do that!)
    Thanks a heap!

    • Shannon


      Thats price per roll, not pack.

      So whatever your cost per pack is divide it by # of rolls.
      I wish I was getting a 12 pack for $.45 !

  • Amanda

    thanks so much…I have just started making my own “stock up” list for prices. Have you ever done a post for grocery items?

    • Shannon


      I haven’t done grocery items. What specifically would you like to see?

  • razors, please. :)

    • Shannon


      I added. Disposable Razors are one of those things I wont stock up on unless they are free!