Rite Aid: Nivea Deal Update & A Little Story

This post might get a little long, so you might want to grab your coffee and settle in.

I haven’t been going out on Sunday mornings lately. I have been waiting until Thursday when I pick up my son at school. There are some definite downsides to this. I miss out on some deals – but I like being able to have a normal, quiet, family day on Sunday.

I noticed last week that my stockpile is starting to look sparse. My husband has been complaining we are out of stuff and I refuse to let him buy things without a deal.

So, I thought hmm there are a few goodies I want this week, so I will go on Sunday. I headed to the dollar store to buy 4 papers. Now, I am in my Yoga pants, hair pulled up and absolutely no makeup. My face needed a break after the 6lbs of makeup I had to put on to look decent yesterday. So I was hoping to run in the Dollar Store and it be uneventful.

Well, it wasn’t. First, I ran into reader Michelle. Hi Michelle! Michelle and I sat on the floor in the dollar store going thru 40 papers to find papers that had coupons. The manager tells us that the newspaper guy is either lazy or stealing the coupon inserts. I think he’s a lazy jerk who steals coupons. We found a total of 5 papers that had inserts. We split them. Then the manager proceeds to tell us we cannot recycle our newspapers there anymore. Yadda Yadda Yadda – 45 minutes later I am heading to Rite Aid.

I get to Rite Aid and I check out the Nivea. Many of you asked me why I didn’t include the $5.00 UPR in my scenarios for this week. I never trust Rite Aid until I have tried this stuff myself. Sorry, I have been burned way to many times.

I think awesome, the signs are up. This should work. See the picture above? It says that you get a $5.00 UPR wyb $15.00. It also says you get a $1.50 UPR wyb 1, limit of 2. So, this was the deal I was going to do:

Buy (4) Nivea $19.96
use (4) $2.00/1 Nivea Bodywash
Pay $11.96
Get (2) $1.50/1 UPR
Get (1) $5.00 UPR
$3.96 for 4 Nivea

There is more to the Nivea deal with some Ecoupons, but to keep it simple for now, that was the plan I had at the register.

I get to the register and try the deals split into two transactions with the other items I bought. No $5.00 UPR. Ok, so I think, hmm did I buy the wrong items? Maybe the mens didn’t count. The SUPER sweet cashier named Emily was so tolerant. We tried it 7 ways to Sunday and it was a no go. Grrr.

Here is my issue – why have a sign up for something thats not going to work? I just don’t get it.

So the Nivea wasn’t my only issue – the Aveeno monthly UPR didn’t print, the monthly Zip Loc no go.I had a great plan for Rite Aid and ended up spending $40.00 and get back $13.00 in UPR. Not exactly a deal.

So, I leave Rite Aid feeling defeated. I couldn’t ask the poor cashier to return the Nivea after all the work she did . Since I was in a hurry, I brought in all my Smart Source inserts without cutting the Aveeno coupons. When I walked into the parking lot, all of my Smart Source coupons flew everywhere. I tried to gather them, but they just took off. All 4 copies.

So now I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself.  I think I deserve some Nutella.  At least I have something to laugh about. (see this post here)

Please tell me you had a better trip than me?

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