Reading Eagle No Longer Carrying Smart Source Insert


This is for local readers.  Reading Eagle is NO longer carrying the Smart Source Insert.  This decision was made by Smart Source, not Reading Eagle.

I know many of you are bummed, but I don’t know how much we can do.  When they removed Red Plum from the Philly Inquirer, we petitioned them to bring it back. It was unsuccessful.

Thanks, Amanda for the heads up! 

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  • Barb

    Does anyone know why this has happened?

  • Steph

    THAT explains it!! I’ve been thinking I was going crazy! Figures that I JUST subscribed to the paper so I no longer had to remember to go get one :( Now I need to go buy a different paper to get all my coupons anyway.. stinks!

  • Diane G

    Our local paper here in Ohio stopped carrying the SmartSouce coupons about a month or so ago. I like those better than RedPlum so I am bummed.

  • Maryanne

    How frustrating! the Reading Eagle was the only paper that usually carried all of the coupons I wanted! I would use the Pottstown Mercury as a backup. Looks like I’ll be doing more of my insert shopping on eBay. And the Reading Eagle just lost a customer that buys 10 papers a week. Boo!

    • meg

      Does the Mercury have SS & RP?

  • kadywood

    Why can’t there be one go to paper for coupons each week for Berks County? Also, I’ve purchased 2 extra copies of newspapers only to find no coupons. Now, I check each copy I purchase. End. of. Rant.

  • LP

    BUT!! You can subscribe to the BerksMont Weekly paper (comes out on Wed) and they *usually* have the smartsource. I think it’s like $12 to subscribe.

    • LP

      But the BerksMont doesn’t carry RedPlum or PG

    • LP

      The BerksMont doesn’t carry Red Plum or PG though.

  • linda

    Philadelphia Inquirer never has the # of inserts you reference each week.

    • Shannon

      Inquirer doesn’t carry Red Plum.

  • Zak

    Aww, bummer. My parents get the Reading Eagle and save their coupons for me (to combine with what we get from the Lancaster paper), so I guess that means we’ll make do with just 1 copy of some.

  • Melody

    Thank you Shannon….and here I was blaming my poor hubby, LOL!

    • Shannon

      he he poor Guy!