Reader Question: SmartSource No Longer in Newspapers?

When I start getting the same questions from different readers, I like to share it on the blog.  I recently received these emails and many more in regards to the Smartsource Inserts.

From reader Twila –

Ever since the New Year we have not been getting the Smart Source in the Sunday paper- (The Daily Item). I talked to my niece in Ohio, and she said it seems to be happening in several areas. Do you know anything about it? Also, my daughter called the paper and they said they have no control over what coupons they get to put in. Is there any way to contact the Smart Source company? I hate paying for a subscription when I don’t get all the coupons and then having to buy online if I want them.

Also, some of the coupons I’ve been printing have been printing without the bar code and I just wondered if this is happening to anyone else and why it would be.

From reader Sarah K.

Since the beginning of 2011 my local paper has been without SmartSource inserts.  I am considering cancelling my paper and buying a larger market (Reading, Philly, Pittsburgh?) paper at the store every week– so I’m wondering if you can offer any insight into which paper tends to have the better value/regional coupons? Or if this question is something you would/could pose to your readers. It seems the lack of SS inserts is pretty widespread, so I imagine I may not be the only one wondering about this.

I honestly didn’t know this was happening, because both the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily Local have continued to carry the Smartsource in the Sunday Paper.  So are any of you experiencing this?

It is true that the papers have no control over the coupon inserts. The coupon inserts are decided upon by P&G, Redplum and Smartsource. This happened last year when Redplum pulled out of alot of cities.

As far as Philly area papers go, The Inquirer only has Smartsource and P&G.   I have not received a Reading Eagle recently , so I am not sure if they include the Smartsource.

So we need your help – could you comment on which paper you purchase & metro area – with a listing of coupon inserts included.

Also, have any of you had a problem with Smartsource bar codes not printing?

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