On the Cheap: $10 DIY Portable Sandbox

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I am not a fan of sandboxes in the yard, for reasons I would rather not write. (Think cats, squirrels, rodents. eck.)

This is a super fun, frugal idea for a portable sandbox thanks to the Prudent Baby.  You can store it in the garage, etc. It could hold up to 50lbs of sand, but I think I would do a little less.

I just saw these Wreath holders for $3.00 on clearance at Walmart.

Check out the frugal sandbox idea.

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  • What a great idea and I am with you on the outdoor sand boxes – EWWW!

  • rachel

    great idea! especially to have one at grandmas. My sandbox has a rid so it dosen’t get wet and stays clean we don’t have pets.

  • Mel


  • Angela

    Ooh, I love the idea of using a storage box with wheels so you can easily store it out of the sun because I have found when you leave plastic outdoors the sun wears it down & it starts to crack & I’d hate to go move a 50 pound sandbox & have it fall apart on me. : )

  • this is a wonderful idea. We live in an apartment so we don’t get to own our own summer sand/water toys. This would be a great alternative and we could store it in our basement storage space when not in use

  • D

    Last summer, we purchased the long, plastic under-the-bed boxes from Target (the ones with wheels) so that they’re big enough to sit in and play with the toys. I just cover it up and wheel it away when they’re done. We also use another for water play and I set that one on an outdoor coffee table so it’s just their height and again just cover it up. Works perfectly!

    • Jennie

      I love this idea!! I’m going to check that out for my grandson. Thanks for sharing it!!

    • bekah

      We use the same under-the-bed box for a bean table. It is less messy than sand. Also we have different kinds of beans so my girls like to sit and sort them into ice cube trays.