New Get Crafty Link Up!

I like crafts. I really do. I just stink at them.

No, I mean REALLY stink. Think hot glue in your hair stink. Think a sweater with one arm hole stink. Think your Mom was embarrassed by your elementary school work. I’d love to make something cute out of old t-shirts. The only thing I can make out of old tshirts is cleaning rags.

So this is where you & some of my friends come in. I have some amazingly talented friends. (Seriously, they can make a card board box look like a million bucks.) If you are talented like my friends, please come each week and share your crafty ideas. They can be simple and inexpensive, just make sure they are better than what I would do. (If you glue your fingers and hair together, this link up probably not for you).

Not sure what kind of  crafts to link up – check out these ideas:

DIY Mother’s Day Canvas  from My Blessed Life

Arts & Crafts Caddy from Angry Julie Monday


So link up your craft!

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  • yay!!!! love love love the link up party:) thanks for hosting!

    • oh and you should totally use the old t-shirts to make some reusable grocery bags… they actually work better then you think and don’t take up very much room.

  • Thanks for hosting this great party Shannon!