14 Simple Life Hacks to Make Life Easy

The only thing constant about life is change. And small changes bring about a big difference in life. Some days I feel bored doing the same house chores day-in and day-out and then one fine day when I find a quick trick to make some daunting task easy, I feel no less than a wonder woman. So today I am going to share with you guys 14 Hacks that will make your life simpler in ways you cannot imagine. Enjoy reading and leave your comments!

Tip 1.

To avoid a crumby bowl of cereal, use a Colander

sieve the cereal


Tip 2.

Always scratching the tape to find the end? Stop wasting time and stick a paper clip to find the tape roll easily.

paper roll clip

Tip 3.

Love to watch movies in bed? Did you know that you can rotate your video to a 90 degree angle for ease of watching while lying in bed? Open the video in VLC, Go to Tools, Select Effects and Filters, Select Video Effects, Rotate Video 90 degree…good night, good sight!


Tip 4.

Yup! Making Bacon Pancake is THAT Easy….now your kids won’t fuss around at breakfast!

bacon pancake

Tip 5:

Avoid greasy hands and orange fingers…indulge in your favorite Cheetos Mess-Free!

cheetos chopstick

Tip 6:

Are you always wondering – did I lock the door? did I turn off the stove? did I switch off the plugs? Just do something unusual while locking the door or other chores before leaving for a long trip. That way you will be sure that you locked the door, turned the gas off, etc. I personally jump 10 times to remember that I did it!

door lock

Tip 7:

When heating leftovers, space out a circle in the middle. It will heat up your food much more evenly.

heating evenly

Tip 8.

Keep your cat from unrolling the toilet paper with this super easy trick

save toilet paper from cat

Tip 9.

The pocket magnet is a super awesome way to keep your nails handy, especially if you are on a ladder.

pocket magent

Tip 10.

To find small items like your earrings or pins, put a stocking over the end of a vacuum. I know what you are thinking (why didn’t I think of it before)

stocking on vacuum

Tip 11.

Tie a small piece of bright-colored fabric to your luggage when taking a flight. Makes your luggage easier to spot and no one will pick it without you catching them RED-handed!

luggage cloth

Tip 12:

How easy it is to get an evenly CHEESY sandwich

evenly cheesed sandwich

Tip 13.

Throw an aluminium ball into the dryer. It will eliminate static cling and act as a dryer sheet.

aluminium foil dryer

Leave more such ideas that you have happened to come across and we will have a new article compiling your awesome ideas!

Tip 14.

Has the perfectly round egg at breakfast joints been spinning your head head round? Here is a trick on getting them in the perfect round shape!

round egg



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