Make It Quick: Homemade Foaming Handsoaps

Welcome to the Make it Quick series. Last week, we saw how to make homemade “boxed” cake mixes.  This week, something a little different.

If you like high end foaming handsoap, you can make it quick and cheaper yourself.  Amy shows us how to make a QUICK, natural  foaming handsoap at home.

Learn how to make your own foaming handsoap here.

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  • Seanne

    Yay! This is a great feature- as a Mother/College student with not enough time on her hands and a decided lack of craftyness (I give my sister money to buy things to decorate my house, and ask her to put all my pictures in photo albums!) this weekly feature is amazing! Two thumbs up! Some blogs have been trying to do features that are moderately similar, but oftentimes they look all cluttered and just irritate the crap out of me. This one- Looks clean, doesn’t try to sell me anything (blatant and annoying, btw) and is actually do-able with little to no creative skill. Yay! Thanks once again, Forthemomas, for being my favorite blog. I always know I can count on you to be realistic about what women want, while also instilling a dash of your own… cynicism :) (Which I WHOLEHEARTEDLY appreciate!)
    To sum it up- This blog has remained streamlined in spite of the fact that many other blogs have taken the chance to clutter theirs with money making opportunities. You’re honest, slightly sarcastic, and very open with your readers. THIS is why I recommend your blog to everyone that I know, and THIS is why I visit your blog 5X or more a day. :) You post deals that I’m actually interested in, and you don’t insult my intelligence by assuming I won’t know that certain posts are marketing schemes.

    Sorry about the long post, I just thought I’d get my feelings out there about this in hopes that it will encourage you to keep things the way they have been going. PLEASE keep your blog as clean and tidy and easily to navigate as it has been, and please keep infusing articles with your authentic voice- because believe me, it’s easy to tell when people give up on doing things themselves and just c/p from other pages or use a multitude of “guest bloggers” because they no longer want to spend the time. Your blog = WIN , and this is coming from an online cynic (Who probably comprises a goodly portion of your blog hits daily with her own views, links she sends to other people, and recommendations she makes to strangers!)

    • Shannon


      Those are the sweetest things anyone has every said to me. :)

    • Shannon

      Oh I do represent the slightly sarcastic :) I like to keep it real.

  • Bonnie

    I think that something that gets used so quickly is fine to use tap water – although I do see the benefits of using distilled water too (and a gallon is pretty cheap).

    Pampered Chef (and some kitchen stores, I think) sell empty foaming pump dispensers (and did before they were available ready-filled). I used on for my baby bath with my first son. I think a whole bottle of baby wash lasted 2 years because it makes it go so much farther when you use the foaming dispenser. And I loved that I had this creamy rich foam to lather on him rather than trying to disperse the “gel” into a washcloth or over his body/hair. The pump was nice too because you only need one hand (and at times I wished I had eight hands to hold and wash that slippery, wiggly, little boy!). It is one of my favorite “new mom” tips to give. J&J actually sold a foaming dispenser at one time, but it must be discontinued as I’ve never come across one in the last 3 years. Incidentally, I always used tap water too – but we do have a whole-house water softener/filter.

    • Rachelle R

      @Bonnie, great tip! i just had a pampered chef party and i’ll have to order that for a new mommy to be in my family. thanks!

    • Shannon


      That is a great idea! I might just try this for myself.

  • Jennifer

    Just curious…. Don’t you use the soap (made with filtered water) while washing your hands with tap water? I’m not seeing the difference if you make the soap with a bit of tap water. Maybe I’m missing something.

  • danielle

    Agreed. I used to waste $$ on bottled, but no more my friend. Someone was said to me, as I was drinking my bottle of Evain, that it spells naive backwards…hahahahhaah

  • Amy

    I {heart} you, my friend. Thanks for the linky love! xoxo -Amy


    Tap water?! Negatory.
    Distilled filtered water.

    I make geek-inspired toiletries for my Etsy store & tap water = all kinds of junk that overtime will breed more bacteria. ANY toiletry you want to make… lotion… foam soap… you always want to use distilled water.

    • Shannon

      Thats a good suggestion, but I use tap water all the time. No junk, gunk or munk in our soap. I also use tap water for my laundry detergent that is concentrated.

      I figure if I can drink it, I can use it for laundry.

    • @Danielle, I figure if I don’t shower with distilled water (I don’t) then I can likely make soap without it. Soap doesn’t last long enough around my house to breed the heebee-jeebees, anyway.

      Now… if I was making it for a shelf-life or to sell to someone, I would likely invest in distilled water.