Kohls: Pay It Forward Shop

I will be doing a complete post in the near future – but I wanted to share my experience shopping for a family in need with Kohls. Kohls sent me a $250 Gift Card to shop for a family in need this holiday season.

Their is a local family’s story who broke my heart.  Laura and her two small children, 3 and 9 months, lost their loving husband/father Chris, after a 6 month battle with cancer. I can’t imagine starting the year with the birth of a baby and ending it with burying my husband. My heart aches for Laura.

When Laura was asked what she wanted for herself – she said nothing. She mentioned the only thing was making a full pot of coffee was hard each day.  She would drink the coffee with her husband – now she only needs one cup.

There story is sad, but I am so thrilled that Kohl’s was so generous to offer this gift card. 

Of course, being a super ninja shopper like I am, I decided to shop today, in my pajamas, online!  First, well the deals are great! Second, there was a coupon code to save even more AND I earned  $30 in Kohls Cash.  I was able to get Laura a single cup coffee maker, plus toys for the kids. I decided to get her a regular coffee maker, instead of a Keurig (even though the Kohl’s Keurig deals are amazing), because of the increased cost with Kcups.

I still have $100 left on the gift card to shop in the store AND I have $30 in Kohls Cash – really stretching the dollars.  Here is what I got so far:

I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait to share.  I am super excited about the coffee-pot and the fisher price toys!  Check back to see what I end up with for Laura & her family.  In the meantime, I will be posting more great Kohl’s deals and a HUGE THANK YOU TO KOHLS FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE.


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  • Heather

    It’s stories like this that show the true meaning of Christmas. You and Kohl’s giving that family a reason to smile, even for just a moment, warms my heart. May God bless you both for your love and compassion

  • chrissy

    How do you get involved with this? I would love to do this for a needy family in my area

    • For the Mommas

      Kohls contacted me.

  • Jen

    I read this story a few hours ago on my phone and I was searching your site again for any new deals and stumbled upon this post again. I haven’t stopped thinking about this story. My heart aches for this lady and the children who will never be able to see their daddy. You have a heart of gold! God Bless this lady and her family and you too! Happy Holidays:)

  • Paulina

    You are the best: God Bless you and the kind people at Kohl’s for helping the family. A reminder for all of us to keep paying it forward!

  • Rosanna B.


  • melissa

    That’s awesome! Brings tears to my eyes. What a blessing for this family. Someone else might have bought 3 things with that money. It’s wonderful when our frugality is able to be used to bless someone else in need!

  • Rose

    That is a terribly sad story. May God be with you in shopping for this family…I will pray for super finds for you… So generous on Khols end to do this and on yours for taking the time to sop and find the good deals..