Where to Find FTM & My Dental Woes

So yesterday, I wrote a status update about my dental visits {my very yucky dental visit} and Facebook asked me if I wanted to pay to promote it to my friends.  Yes, pay to promote a post to my friends about my miserable dental experience. (If you are a dentist, I really don’t hate YOU, I just hate my teeth).  I had a root canal yesterday – BUT No thanks Facebook, I don’t want to pay to show my friends that I am having dental problems.

In addition to limiting what my friends are seeing, they are also limiting what Facebook Fan pages can send out.  Ultimately, I don’t have a problem if Facebook wants to make people pay to use their service. That is fine. However, $100 per posts for 1/4 of the people to see my posts, is just way to much for any individual to pay. Sure, $100 to a big huge company is small potatoes.

I have noticed many of you are asking how you can see my posts. Well, the way Facebook is today, you can’t.

You can check out these alternatives:

1. Join the Facebook Group – where you can set how many posts you see from us.

2. Follow us on Google+ – Sure, Google + isn’t as user friendly, but so far it isn’t limiting what you can see.

3.  Get HOT DEALS Texted to you. Now, this is only  freebies, high value coupons & deals  I deem to be very good.  The amount of texts you will receive will vary from day to day – but expect 2-5 per day at most.

To get FTM Deals Texted: {make sure you have a text plan}

  • Text “Follow FTMDEALS” to 40404.  You will receive a confirmation text.
4. If you want to hear everything I have to say all day, you can get all of my posts texted to you. I do not recommend this, but if you cannot get enough of me,  Text “Follow 4themommas” to 40404.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you !!!

Now, I am going to the dentist to find out what I can do about the crown I swallowed!


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  • Sorry to hear about your dental downer. I’ve been there too. The enamel on my teeth has been soft, too soft, since I was really little. At any rate there is a product called mastic gum or sometimes it is called ‘gum mastic’ that helps a lot. It won’t make enamel thicker or harder but it keeps the bacteria level down so that cavities and infections don’t have a chance to get started. It comes from a special tree that only grows in Greece! You can get it in a sugar free gum – or just chew on the actual resin droplets. Saves a lot of heartache and expense – tastes like hmmm…. like a tree.

  • r.p.

    sorry you have the dental problems, my youngest just had to have a tooth pulled too because her root canal did not work either and an oral surgeon said he couldn’t save the tooth. on another note , i saw a story on a news network where facebook owner says they are having a rough time right now (sorry i have no sympathy for him with all the ones who have lost money on his stock and his legal trouble). maybe myspace will make a return.

  • Hope your mouth gets to feeling better soon! And ugh about Facebook. I’m liking them it less and less.

  • Lindsay in PA

    1) Good luck to you at the dentist. Wow, you swallowed your crown! – yuck! :(

    2) You forgot to mention that one could just go to the FTM website!! I know, it seems old school, but I’m on it several times a day! Your posts from FB link to your site and the comments from Facebook show up on it so its just easier to go here. :)

    • For the Mommas

      Lindsay.. he he I would love it people came to the website. I appreciate you and the other loyal readers who I can count on to contribute. This site would be NOTHING without all of you. :)

  • Pat

    Not to scare you, but….. Root canal’s aren’t that bad. But after I had mine, it got infected within a year. Well, I did some research, and it is almost a given that if you have a root canal, it will get infected sooner or later. Dentist told me it probably had to be done over . It was worse than that, they had to CUT OUT one of the roots, which was 10 times worse than the root canal. If I ever need another root canal, I will have my tooth pulled the next time and get an implant!

    • For the Mommas

      Yeah, I had the one next to it pulled years ago. Ended up with an infection from the implant and now have to have part of my bone extracted. So I am out 3,000 for the implant and now have to have oral surgery. I think it is a lose/lose. Unfortunately, while my teeth are very straight, I have some issues due to meds my mom took !

    • Carrie

      I don’t know where you got your research, Pat, but it is not “almost a given that if you have a root canal, it will get infected sooner or later.” I work in a dental office and we rarely see patients with reinfected root canal treated teeth. It can happen, but it is not a given. Root canal treated teeth do get brittle and are likely to fracture in time so a crown is certainly recommended to protect the longevity of a tooth.

      Shannon – bummer that you swallowed your crown :( Hope you have great dental insurance.

    • Jaime

      Ugh. As a dental hygienist, I can say that unfortunately, you are in the minority with all of this nonsense. I work for a general dentist; he insists on referring any needed root canals and/or implants to the proper specialists….the only root canal failures we see in the office are almost always done by general dentists. Implants should only be done by oral surgeons or periodontists. I’m so sorry you are having to go through all of this nonsense (and $)!

      • For the Mommas


        that is exactly the case with me! I had one done by a general dentist – not knowing any better! This time I went to see a specialist. (sp?)..

        • cristine

          Jaime is right. As a former dental assistant, I once worked for a root canal specialist (Endodontist) I can’t tell how many general dentist sent patients to us to retreat or fix a tooth that they screwed up. I mean pulling silver points out of teeth that were placed in the 1990’s is beyond me. Talk about ancient treatment. I hope your tooth gets better. :-).

          As for FB..I think they are unwise to make their users mad. I am thinking MySpace is looking fairly good right now. I heard on the news that Justin Timberlack was trying to bring back MySpace. Not sure what that’s about.


  • Holly

    Wow, I’ll pray for ya. Hope your mouth is back to normal soon!
    Ugh, FB!

  • Mel

    I’m right there with you on the dentist thing….I haven’t been for 2 years because my last dentist was so mean but I found a new dentist and having a cavity filled today was painless!

  • Jamee

    WOW!! JUST deactivated my Facebook account, my messages and notifications were showing already seen and whatnot, which is annoying!! So I shall follow you on Google!!

  • Karen

    YUCK again Shannon….I have a tooth phobia…..long story and not really sure why. Any how, good luck to you!!!