How to Save Money on Meat

Total Cost: $14.37

There is a big misconception that you cannot save money on meat and seafood.  I wanted to show you how we manage to keep our budget in check and still enjoy a wide variety of meat. Of course, meatless meals help to keep the budget in check, but you don’t have to go meatless to save.  Last fall, I did a general buy price list for meats, you can check it out here if you are curious as to what I pay for meat. (prices may vary by region)

The meat pictured about was a total of $14.37.  There are pork loins, pork cubes, 1 flank steak, 1 sirlion steak,  boneless pork chops and 2 ground chicken breast.  The total weight of the meat is 9.82 lbs. making my cost effectively $1.46/lb.  This meat is about 10-11 days worth of meat for my family, since we will do some meatless meals too.  (Now if you have a much larger family, this may not be enough)

There are two ways to get your meat and seafood for less.

Look for meat with close sell by dates

Many grocery stores offer a discount on meat that is close to it’s sell by date.  Usually the savings are up to 75% off depending on how close the date is.

  • Shop earlier in the day for the best selection.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your store butcher when they mark down the meats.
  • Look at different stores than normal. You may find that one store marks down meat faster or has better price cuts.
  • Be open to trying different cuts of meat. I normally only look at the 85% lean ground beef because of the price — to my surprise 96% fat free was less after the coupon.
  • Make sure the meat is fresh – most stores have a guarantee on meat that they sell.

Look for Buy One, Get One Free Sales at your store. Many stores have BOGO promotions, cutting the cost per lb by 50%.

  • Check out your store’s regular prices for meat and be sure that during a BOGO sale they aren’t just increasing the prices.

Keep an eye out for store coupons on meat purchases as well. Stores like Giant PA offer discounts on meat purchases from time to time.  If your store allows overage on coupons, take that opportunity to use the overage to decrease your cost of meat.

What are your suggestions to get good prices on meat?

Check out these great finds  from  the meat dept. at Target this week.

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