How To Organize Coupons

How to Organize Coupons

Organizing coupons is one of the biggest challenges of couponing. I frequently get emails asking how to do it.

There are so many methods to organizing coupons.  I honestly feel like I cannot recommend one over another.

What is comes down to, you have to try different methods and see what works best for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

:: Coupon Organization: File/Binder Hybrid Method

:: Coupon Organization: How FTM Readers Organize Their Coupons

:: Coupon Organization: File Method

:: Coupon Organization: CouponClutch

:: Coupon Organization: Binder/Photo Album Method

If you decide to go the Binder Method, I recommend a binder similar to Case-it Large Binder . You will also want to pick up Baseball Card Inserts for smaller coupons and 3 Pocket Binders.

:: Coupon Organization: The Couponizer: Save More Than Money

How are do you organize coupons? Do you have any tips for new couponers?

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