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How to Organize A Pantry

I posted this photo of my stockpile recently. Many of you said you wish you knew were to start with organization.  I am very lucky to have a fantastic  organizer in my closet.  It makes it so easy to use every inch of space.    Many of you don’t have the space to do this or it just isn’t in the budget.

Organization is really important when you have a stockpile, even if you have a small space. I thought I would share some frugal pantry organization ideas. I would love to hear/see your unique organization ideas.


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Mandi at Life..Your Way has some great ideas, including using pasta jars for her baking items.

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This is a genuis idea – use Magazine racks for can storage – check out this fabulous pantry for even more ideas.

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I love this idea of using baby food jars for your spices!

You can check out this post on tips and ideas for pantry organization.

Do you have any tips for pantry organization?

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