How to Find Free Kindle Books

Many of you have been asking where I find the Free Kindle Books, like Gooseberry Patch’s Savory Pie Recipes.   There are two ways.

Amazon has a list of classics that are always free. You can download them at any time for free. In addition, Amazon has a limited time promotional area of the website that lists books that are free for a limited time. Sometimes this books come and go in a matter of a day

You can bookmark this page to quickly check in on free Amazon Kindle Books. As of today, there are 279  titles available.

Hopefully this will allow you to find books quickly! No worries, I will continue to post the free books as they pop up, specifically the more popular titles.

If you are using a Nook, check out how to get Free Nook Books here.

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  • Mary Steigerwalt Lichtenwalner via Facebook

    I also “like” Pixel of Ink and Pixel of Ink – Young Edition. They post several free and bargin books everyday. Its great if you don’t have time to search. I haven’t bought a book yet for my Kindle that I got for Christmas. These free books are a great way to try new authors and different kinds of books that I would have never bought!

    • Oh! I’m looking that up :) Thanks!

  • Ahh, thanks so much for sharing! I was wondering how you found so many, lol. (Now to scour the list for good reads!)

    • Shannon

      There are always some *interesting* ones in the freebie mix, but it’s worth sorting through them to find the gems.

  • Kathy

    Do you have to be an Amazon Prime member to get these free Kindle books?