How Long Does Food Last in The Freezer

I often get questions on how long your can store food or how long does food last in the freezer. This is a great chart from  Daily Savings from All You.  This is perfect to use as reference for deciding how much to stock up on!

How long does food last? Here's what to keep... and what to toss.

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  • Wohh exactly what I was looking for, appreciate it for posting .

  • Brenda

    How about a ham in the freezer? We’ve had one in the freezer for 8 months now. Still think it’s okay?

  • Kristin M

    As far as rice goes – I buy the 17 pound bags at Sams Club every few years. My rice is always a – ok – besides, what would even happen to rice?? That’s like saying pasta would go bad… LOL

    Also, canned goods – I have cans downstairs that have expiration in 2013, that were purchased last summer. They last as long as the expiration on the can.

    Eggs are also good up to 5 weeks after the sell by date, and this is according to the US gov’t food website.

    • Shannon


      Umm rice and pasta can get bugs – really bad. Trust me I know! It is disgusting.

      • Kristin M

        Really? I keep mine in air tight containers – well, except for boxed pasta in my stockpile. Are the bugs from age or just because bugs can get into a lot of stuff?

        Makes one wonder!

        In any case, gross!

        • Shannon

          Heres what I found:
          Flour, mixes, cereal, spices, and dried fruit are susceptible to infestation with beetles, weevils and moths even in the cleanest kitchen. The bugs enter in products.. While beetles such as the flour beetle, meal worm, and grain weevils make the product unappealing, they are not harmful. Sift them out of flour or mixes that are only slightly contaminated. If the product is riddled with the beetles, discard it. Moths leave a grayish silky mat on the food product. To get rid of the infestation, remove all foods from the infected area and wash the area thoroughly. You may apply an approved pesticide for use in food areas in the cracks and crevices that you cannot reach to clean. Since larvae may be present in other packages in the infected area, freeze all products at 0 degree F. for up to one week to kill any beetles and larvae. Store foods in tightly closed containers to keep the food source away from any remaining beetles. Use glass, plastic and metal containers with tight fitting lids. Buy spices in bottles instead of metal containers with flip top closures. Other insects, like cockroaches, can carry dangerous microorganisms and disease so discard products infested with these. Check with a pest control company for instructions on how to rid yourselves of these pests.

          PREPARED BY: Angela M. Fraser, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Food Safety Specialist, and Carolyn J. Lackey, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.N., Professor/Food and Nutrition Specialist, North Carolina State University (August 2004)

          • Anonymous

            You can store your dry goods(beans, rice, sugar, flour, cornmeal, ect) into empty 2 liter bottles that have been washed and completely dried. seal the cap by dipping it in hot wax after tightening. No bugs and rodents are less likely..:)

  • i can’t even tell you how much stuff I throw away because I don’t know. Thanks for this post!

  • Michelle

    This chart is interesting to say the least. :) Ground Beef is good in your freezer for at least a year if not longer. We buy 1/4 beef every winter and I keep in the freezer for a year. Bread good in the freezer for a year??? Not in my opinion! It would have to taste old and freezer burned. I don’t like to keep it in the freezer longer than 3 months. Not bashing you Shannon…I know you didn’t make the list. :)

  • peanut butter for only 6 months? maybe it mean once it’s opened? i keep mine for much longer unopened, and it never lasts that long once it’s opened because we eat it!

    • Shannon

      I think that would depend on your peanut butter. We use natural peanut butter and its definitely not good for much longer than 6-8 months shelf life.

  • Just for the record, we’ve had ground meat in our freezer for over a year and it is still REALLY good. Not sure why they recommend such a short time.

  • Katie via Facebook

    We use our canned good longer then a year and we have been fine. Good chart for the most part though! :) If you store your food in a deep freeze it keeps longer then the reg. Freezer on your fridge. :)

  • Laura via Facebook

    Wait – you mean food isn’t magically good forever in the freezer :)

  • Interesting