How Do Staples Rewards Work?

Wondering How Staples Rewards Work?

Staples Rewards is a program that offers rewards for purchasing products at Staples.  Staples Rewards are issued when you purchase certain items at Staples.

Key Things to Remember:

:: Staples Rewards are issued monthly when you reach $10.00.

:: You must earn atleast $10 in rewards per quarter to cash out.

:: You can only use your rewards to purchase items at Staples.

:: You can use your rewards to pay for items that offer a rebate, but you cannot roll rewards for other rewards.

When can I earn rewards?

Staples offers rewards on specific items from time to time. They are shown in the circular. They show the product you must purchase and how much you will receive in rewards.


The following Qualifying Purchases are eligible toward earning Rewards everyday:

  • Ink and toner used in copiers, fax machines and printers excluding printer, fax and copy machine drums, label maker ribbons, and refill kits;
  • Case and ream cut sheet paper excluding photo paper, dot matrix/”computer” paper, fax thermal paper, résumé, stationery, invitations and specialty paper, paper rolls, labels, carbon and carbonless forms, notebooks, pads and filler paper;
  • Copy & Print services excluding postage stamps, shipping and shipping supplies, merchandise used in assembling Copy & Print jobs, custom printing orders placed online, and third party services;
  • Other products or services as may be included from time to time by Staples, in its sole discretion.

Do I have to spend a certain amount of money to get the rewards?

No, but you must EARN $10 in rewards per quarter or your rewards are forfeited.

How do I get my Rewards?

Staples Rewards are issued monthly online, when the value of the Reward is at least $10. Monthly balances of less than $10 will roll over each month until the minimum is met for that calendar quarter. If the $10 minimum for the quarter has not been met, the balance will expire at the end of the quarter.

Where can I use my Staples Rewards?

Redeem your Rewards any way you’d like – online at, over the phone at 1-800-333-3330 or in any Staples® store by the expiration date. Staples Rewards must be used to purchase product at Staples.

Can I roll my Staples Rewards?

No. Price eligible for Rewards is the amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons and Rewards redemptions.

Can I use coupons on Staple Rewards to make money?

No. Price eligible for Rewards is the amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons and Rewards redemptions.

For the complete terms of the Staples Rewards Program, visit the Staples Site here.

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  • Be careful about the reward expiration date. A Staples cashier told me they would re-issue these with no problem, just an email or phone call, but I found they would only reissue $100, and I had $175 of expiring rewards. They said the cashier gave me bad advice and it was not their fault. Fair enough, but a friendly warning, mark your calendar, and use those rewards up.

  • Ron Wilson

    What is the ratio between $1.00 spent on eligible items and the amount of “reward” I get? In other words, for each $1 I spend, I get $??? in rewards?


  • Sandy

    Staples also accepts competitor coupons

  • Christy B.

    This is excellent information, particularly that you can’t “roll” the rewards. Can you roll them at Office Depot?

    • Shannon


      I am not 100% sure. I am working on posts for Office Max and Office Depot. Staples pretty much clarified everything online. I have received different answers for Office Max and Depot. Stay tuned.

  • Linda

    I never spend enough to get my Staples rewards so now I save up all my used ink cartridges (you get $2 per trade in) until I have 5 or more and then trade them in. Staples is great for customer service though.

    • Shannon

      Linda, that is a great idea!

      • Keri Peterson

        I have gotten a reward that was less than $10 when I did ink.

        • Shannon


          Are you a preferred or teacher?

          The staples site specifically says if you do not get $10 in a quarter they will be forfeited. I spoke with a customer service rep and they confirmed. I do not want to mislead people to believe they will get a reward if they buy $5 worth of stuff, because they probably will not.

          If you get $10 the first month of the quarter, you will get a lower payout the next month, but if you don’t get $10 per quarter, you won’t get it according to all published Staples information.

          • Keri Peterson

            Aww, must be because I am a teacher!

  • Thanks so much Shannon!!!