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Did you know there are only 85 Days until Christmas? Hopefully, you are following along with the 101 Deals of Christmas.   Another way to save, is to make your own gifts. I love some of these ideas!

When I saw these adorable Scrabble Ornaments, I had to share. I immediately thought of my 20+ year old Scrabble game that is missing a few letters.

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These wooden ornaments are easy to make – and you can put just about anything on them!

As long as you don’t have bugs and keep these out of the reach of little ones, these gum drop balls are absolutely adorable!


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Check out these super cute embellished Christmas Balls.

Have a great idea for an ornament? Leave it in the comments.


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  • Currently looking for Cheap Christmas Ornaments…
    Is that Scrabble Ornaments adjustable ? So I could change them into my families name :)
    And that gum drops ornament is beautiful, but not for where I’m living :( Ants and bugs everywhere :(

    Oh and I found a similar article about Cheap Christmas Ornaments : http://www.furnituredecoreasy.com/decor/top-10-cheap-christmas-ornaments/

  • Bea

    Really cute ideas. Luv the scrabble msgs.

  • Holly

    Cute idea. I have a Joy & Faith so we’re always looking for ornaments with their names on at Christmas.

    • Christine S-P

      Holly? Joy? Faith? Don’t tell me your husband is Joseph? Or Nick? :)