Healthy Eating Tips & $500 Spa Getaway Giveaway

For many of us, getting our children to eat healthy can be a hard task. Somedays, I would rather clean the toilet, mow the lawn, than fight with Evan over his food. If it was up to him, he’d live off soda and cupcakes.

We have implemented some pretty strict rules in our house about food.  This seems to have worked in keeping Evan’s food choices on the healthy and narrow.

We made some significant changes to his food routines that seem to have made the difference.

  • Switch to organic milk and eliminate most other beverages and drink more water.
  • Purchase a water filter with reusable bottles so we could have water bottles readily available.
  • Keep plenty of fruit and vegetables in the house. We also make sure that they are cut up and ready to go at a moments notice. 
  • Pack veggies and fruit for sporting games instead of chips and salty snacks.

My biggest tip is – do not bring the junk food into your home. If you don’t have it, they cannot eat it.  When you don’t have it, unhealthy snacks on occasion become more of a treat – just outside of your home. 

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  1. Hannah

    Put as many colors of fruits and veggies as you can on their plate. The more variety there is, the more my son eats.

  2. Kate

    I agree if its not in the house then it cant be eaten…so I check alll the labels and only bring healthy options home

  3. Julia

    I keep lots of fruit ready for the kids. Anyway I can get them to pick that over junk is a success. I also make smoothies with chocolate almond milk. And I am going to try to make frozen banana bites which will hopefully rock!

  4. Sara

    I cut fruits and veggies into fun and funny characters/ shapes by using cookie cutters. Another great idea is cutting melon into fish shapes and stars in sugar free jello! Looks pretty cool ! A colorful sea of healthy and delicious fish ready to eat!

  5. Emily Woods

    I totally agree with this post. I think once you introduce your kids to unhealthy food, it is even harder to keep them healthy. When my daughter does not like something, I just keep offering it to her and she usually will eat it at some point. Thanks for the post!

  6. Meghan V.

    I like to offer a healthy dip to go with the veggies. My son also enjoys smoothies into which A LOT of fruit (and some veggies) can be hidden.

  7. Samantha McCoy

    To get our 2 1/2 year old to eat healthier, we simply only expose him to healthy foods. Fruits washed and readily available, whole wheat breads and pastas, all natural peanut butter etc. I’ll admit, we still have problems getting him to actually eat just like any toddler, but when he does it’s healthier foods. We also have the cook book written by Jessica Seinfeld that uses healthy ingredients in foods kids love!

  8. PragmaticMom

    Water filters in the house make a big difference. Not only is filling your own water botlles cheaper and environmentally friendly but you are getting fluoride in your water which is not typically in purchased bottled water.

  9. Amy T.

    My son is usually pretty good about eating fresh fruit and yogurt but veggies are a different story. I have to offer small rewards sometimes to get him to eat new vegetables.

  10. Geri

    My kids actually like to eat healthy. We do not eat out much, we cook dinner nearly every night at home. This gives us control of what our kids are eating. We also keep a “snack” refrigerator for our kids. Its usuals are bottled water & fruit. They love it.

  11. Ree

    My approach is similar to yours. We also try to make our own treats, so they are a little healthier, with whole wheat flour or other whole grains.

  12. Brandy

    Luckily, my daughter is a pretty healthy eater. As she gets older, though, she asks for candy more often! In order to keep her eating the healthy things, I make them very accessible to her and make a few simple tweaks. I cut apples into thin slices and sprinkle them with cinnamon. I cut baby carrots into 4ths and call them “match-stick” carrots (seriously, she thinks they’re the greatest thing!) I will also make ants on a log or apple smiles. We keep a shelf full of healthy yogurt for her to just grab out of the fridge. I give her a Kashi cookie for a snack or a glass of choc. soy milk and she feels like she’s getting a real treat. Usually, by the time she eats her meals and healthy snacks, she is filled up and forgets all about that candy!

  13. Linda G.

    We always have a big bowl of fruit on the kitchen table that is always available for the taking.

  14. Kristi

    my little one is only 8 months old, but she’s already eating whole grains, and whole fruit/vegetable purees. if i start her eating healthy now, she’ll be accustomed to a healthy lifestyle as she gets older. plus, mommy and daddy eat healthy, too, as role models :o)

  15. Andi

    Read the ingredients. Today at the store all the reasonably priced pickles contained yellow no. 5 as an ingredient. Yummy.

  16. Holli

    I give my little one 1 little treat a day. Otherwise it’s healthy snacks and meals. That 1 little treat a day seems to satisfy him.

  17. Carey Kenyon

    My kids help me plant my veggie garden every year and take great pride in the healthy food that they grow. I think this shows them how to keep their own sustainable foods and makes them actually like what they grow. Most grape tomatoes don’t even make it in the house. I avoid processed foods and the kids love to help me cook. Showing them that making it from scratch is not as hard as they think it is. On busy nights I just plan ahead and make crockpot meals.

  18. Include a veggie or fruit serving every time you eat 3 meals+2 snacks= 5 servings.

  19. I have implemented Miss Shannon’s Three Bites Rule.

  20. jill

    My son has always been a DECENT eater of the good stuff.
    We have a rule in our house that he has to eat as many bites as his age is. Right now he is 5 so he has to eat atleast 5 pieces/bites of whatever I put on his plate that he chooses to inform me that he does not like..

    Its SO cute to see him explain this rule to his friends that eat dinner with us.