DIY Yarn Trees

DIY Yarn Trees

Yarn Trees

Winter Trees

Anyone else feel like your house is bare after the Christmas decorations and the tree are taken down?!?  Unfortunately, I have very few things that can stay up until the spring/Easter stuff can make its way out of the basement and I HATE that!  Luckily, I found an awesome idea at All Things Heart and Home  and ran with it.

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While I adore the look of these, I truly did not think my fingers could take the hot glue burns I was bound to get while attaching each one of these tiny little balls… So I opted for yarn that I already had in my craft closet.


Another short supply list:

  • paper mache cones (found at Michaels)

  • yarn in whatever color/s you choose

  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • tape

  • embellishments, if you want

Lets walk through this:

Take the end of the yarn string and tape it to the side.  Put a little dab of hot glue on the tip of the cone and press your yarn onto it and start wrapping.  A little tip that I sometimes employ is to use a toothpick to press the yarn to the hot glue because it helps to save your fingertips.


  • Use dabs of glue every few wraps to adhere the yard to the cone, until you are at the bottom.


  • Cut the yarn and leave an inch at the end.


  • Use a long line of glue at the bottom of the cone and attach.
  • Use glue to attach the extra inch of yarn inside of the cone.
  • Repeat with as many cones as you would like.


I made three and also attached a cute word cut out I found in the dollar bins at the front of Michaels.  “Let it Snow” sounds pretty perfect for winter décor!

These are so easy to make and will look great on a mantle or foyer table for the winter months.  I adore how they turned out and it feels pretty darn good to check the first project off of my “Keep the house cute and cozy” post Christmas list!!!  I’m excited to share a few more of these easy, inexpensive projects with you in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

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