DIY Sock Snowmen

DIY Sock Snowmen


Living in Michigan means the weather is always changing, often not for the better. Leaving us with lots of snow days. My mother-in-laws up north already has snow on the ground, making me think about Christmas and Snowmen. This leaves me, as a mother of 5, trying to come up with ideas to do with my kids without breaking the bank. This is a wonderful, adorable craft that is quick and easy. Great, for the busy holiday season. My children always love designing the rice snowmen for their teachers, and my mother-in-law proudly displays her collection on the mantel were she works. I’ve done these little guys to look like doctors, teachers, bull riders, hockey players, and even a Ford Motor Factory Employee. Another great thing, a lot of what’s needed you probably have already in your home, garage, or can find at the dollar store.


sock snowmen

What you will need-

  • Crew Socks, I prefer mens size 9-12. I buy new socks for this project since my husband is in construction, however you could easily use socks who are missing their mates. I have also used kids and toddler socks before, they make cute baby snowmen. I used gray sole because I like how the hats look.
  • 1- Bag of Rice (or more depending on how many little guys/gals your making)
  • ¼ cup measuring cup, this is the best size for getting all the rice in the sock without a mess
  • Twine
  • Carpet Tacks
  • Colored Brads or Tack Pins
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Old shirts to make accessories like hats and aprons
  • Buttons (I get these off my husbands old work shirts)
  • Hot Glue Gun with glue
  • Embellishments, anything from a stick outside to picking some up at the craft store.

Time- This takes anywhere from 10 minutes for a quick basic little guy to as long as you feel like playing with them. The ones shown took from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, without my kiddos helping.


  • Start by cutting the sock right were the heel and the leg portion meet, so its a straight line.
  • Flip both the bottom portion and the top portion of the sock inside out. Put the bottom heel portion to the side.
  • Tie the end that you cut with twine so that it is closed. Make sure its nice and tight. Flip the top back right.
  • This is when the rice comes into play, I use a ¼ measuring cup and start with 1 ½ cups of rice. Some Snowmen will need less others more depending on the look you going for. I have tried using funnels, but most the time the rice just gets stuck.
  • Now, tie the top with twine also nice and tight. Flip with sock on its side and roll it back and forth to even out the rice a little bit. When you stand it up the portion you just tied should be the top.
  • Go about 2/3rds the way up, and using twine again separate the top and bottom of your snowman. The tighter you tie it, the better it will look. Now your base is done, and you can really start to see your snowman.
  • The hat portion can be done with either the heel of the sock or I like to use the ends of sleeves from old shirts.
  • If you are using the heel of the sock, keep it flipped inside out so the fuzzy portion is what you see. You can either put a little rice in the bottom and tie it to create a ball on the end or leave it floppy. Fold up the cut portion to create a rim, I normally place a couple smalls dollop of hot glue to hold the rim.
  • I really enjoy using old shirts, it give a whole new look to the snowman. Cut the sleeve about 3-5 inches up. Just like when you made your body flip it inside out and tie with twice. Flip back to being right side out. Roll up the rim, and similar with heel of the sock place a couple dollops of hot glue to hold it.
  • At this point, take your hat and using the hot glue gun slowly go around the bottom rim of the hat. Place it carefully over the tied portion at the top of your snowman’s head and hold down.
  • Next, take the carpet tacks or tack pins (I prefer carpet tacks, I get them for .99 at the hardware store and they look nice and rustic.) Place two eyes and the mouth. If you are giving as a gift, I suggest placing a very small drop of hot glue on the pointed of each tack before sticking it in to help it stay shut. I let my 2 older middle kids do this on their own, then go back at night and add the hot glue to them. Take a colored brad or tack pin and use it for the nose, you could also use the carpet tacks for a black nose.


At this point the sky is the limit with your snowman!

Here, are a few ideas-

  • Cut clothing from old shirts and pants. Apron with twine look great for people who love cooking, along with a matching hat. Scarves, Overalls, and more.
  • Take a colored sock, generally I use kids. Cut the sock at the heel and the toes then pull it over the bottom of the snowman.
  • Use embellishments to create a unique and personal gift. These can be bought at craft stores, the dollar stores, or found in Lego boxes and Barbie items. I also like to use small sticks from outside. Add a large twine bow, or flannel, anything.

Don’t be afraid to be crazy, these little buddies can look like anything, and be anything just ask my kids.

Jenna is Momma to  5 Kids and lives  just outside Detroit, Michigan with my husband . She also has a Doberman named Azula and 3 cats (Branson, Isis, and Lilith). (If you cannot tell  she is a  huge Downton Abbey fan). Jenna is a  couponer and an all around thrifty, DIY kind of women. She is also  sells furniture after completely making over the piece.  She is always happy to answer questions! 

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