DIY Ornament Wreath

I really wanted a new Christmas wreath for our front door and was looking for something big that made a statement!  So, I looked online and found these wreaths ranging in price from $30-$120, depending on size.  I could not fathom spending that much on a wreath, especially not one I could definitely make!  So I decided to go to Pinterest for ideas and, of course, the pins were plentiful.  My “Pinspiration” came from Matt and Becky.

What you need is definitely dependent on what size of a wreath you want to make.  I wanted a LARGE wreath (mine measures about 25 inches wide) to take up the majority of our front door and the finished product does just that.  I used a pool noodle as my wreath form, not only to save some money but also to lighten the load. There are 194 ornaments on my wreath, which I stocked up on during the AFTER Christmas sales last year…


Here is what I used:

• a wreath form, a pool noodle or foam tubing
• packing or duct tape (if using a pool noodle or foam tubing)
• LOTS and LOTS of different sized ornaments, but definitely stock up on the small ones to fill gaps
• String, twine, fishing line or ribbon if you are good at making bows (me… not so much)
• Metal key ring if you are not going the bow route
• hot glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks
clear coat spray

If you go with a noodle or foam tubing, make sure you have another set of hands available to hold the ends together to tape.  And be generous with the tape, you definitely do not want the ends to come apart (I think that would definitely constitute as a Pinterest FAIL)!  This project can be finished in a few hours.  I knocked mine out in under 3 hours after my boys were in bed and my husband and I settled in to catch up on the DVR.  Get your area ready with a big piece of cardboard to protect your table/work space from any hot glue or glitter.

DIY Wreath

1. Hot glue your largest ornaments to the inside, spacing them every inch or two.  I angled the balls so that the hanger portion was positioned towards the back of the wreath and not visible.  I did NOT remove the hangers, Momma did NOT have time for that!
2. Repeat on the outside of the wreath, leaving a larger gaps this time.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  I think that is part of the beauty of this project!
3. Loop your string through the metal key ring and tie around the wreath form.

DIY Wreath2
4. Now start filling in your gaps.  This is when I decided to start using my gold ornaments.  My wreath form was large so I ended up using 46 of the large ornaments.
5. Start using your medium ornaments, filling in as needed.  I ended up using 58 of this size.  It’s kind of like trying to put a puzzle together.
6. Fill in the rest of the holes with the small and extra small ornaments.  I had my husband hold the wreath up so I could spot any holes I missed.  I used 40 of the small and 50 of the extra small.  I suggest getting an abundance of the extra small ornaments because they will definitely come in handy.

DIY Wreaths
7. Take your finished wreath outside or into a well-ventilated area and spray with the clear coat.
Is it wrong that I already have this hanging on our door?  I put it up to check out the finished product and haven’t been able to take it off just yet!   I think I’m in love.  I hope you are pleased with your wreath and don’t have too many battle wounds on your fingers.

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Stevie is Momma to almost 5 year old Cooper and 2 1/2 year old Finley, a cat, Sammy, and pug, Napoleon. She is married to her wonderful husband Dan.  She enjoys all things domestic (even cleaning if  she is in a “mood”), but especially crafting and decorating.  She creates everything from DIY gifts to practical life solutions! 

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