Decorating a Boys Room – How to Change a Baby’s Room Into a Boys Room

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I must admit that I enjoy couponing, but what I love even more is design and remodeling. I am always looking for ways to update our home and bring in new and exciting design pieces to make our house feel more trendy and comfortable. What I realized for months now is that my son Colin has outgrown his original baby room design.   As you can see , we loved the idea of monkeys, because monkeys are so darn cute.  He is  four years old now and its time he needs  a cooler room. Something he could grow up with.

One of the main things to consider when updating a room, whether it’s paint, artwork, furniture, etc. is how long this trend will last. You don’t want to make a change and in 6 months, think to yourself that you want to already change it. I consulted with my son and we put together a few ideas and it came down to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Avengers. We ultimately decided on The Avengers as they have loads of new movies in the works for years to come, so I thought they would always be coming out new and exciting things to keep his interest sparked.


Monkeys No More & New Color!  

Colin’s room was painted an aqua like blue.  As sad as my wife and I were to let it go, because it meant Colin was growing up, it was a necessary change. So I needed to come up with a paint color that wasn’t too bold or bright, and was more in line with earth tones.   I decided on a paint with primer from Home Depot. Once we had the room painted, now the fun part begins. Note: My wife, doesn’t particularly care for the shopping part but I really enjoy it.

Paint Color:  BEHR  Gentle Rain Hi-Gloss Enamel Interior/Exterior Paint, Eggshell w/ Primer
Trim Color: BEHR Powdered Snow Hi-Gloss Enamel Interior/Exterior Paint, Eggshell

Shopping Time

Most of the shopping I did was online at Target and Amazon.    There are so many great ideas out there that it can be overwhelming.  Come up with a good game plan and idea of what the ultimate result should look like, it will be easier to narrow your choices down.

Shopping List:

 We decided to go with a trundle bed as I was a little scared of him falling off the ladder. Plus the bed came with drawers for storage. Great place to hide those toys and trinkets that end up all over the floor.   Colin loves his new room!

Post provided by Joe. He is not a professional designer and this is just a hobby of his.

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