CVS: Free or Cheap Scenario {Possible Moneymaker}


If your stopping at CVS this week, check out this scenario. Total OOP was only $13.78 after coupons, plus you get $10 ECB and Savingstar Rebate!

If your CVS has the Degree Deodorant that is included with the Dove, Degree, Caress or Lever spend $15 and get a $5 ECB this deal could be even better. There are a few variables with this scenario:

1. You must have the $10.00 off $50.00 coupon. Without this coupon, it is still a fabulous deal – you will pay $8.78 for all of this.

2.  Your store must be a store that takes maximum value for BOGO coupons. MOST stores are.   If you know your store is not,  you will pay a total of $8.00 more, making this scenario $6.78 for all of this after coupons & rebates.

3. If you do not have the $10 / $50 and your store doesn’t do max value, you still only pay $16.78 for all of this!

Here is the deal:

Buy (4) Pantene Pro-V Shampoo or Conditioner $16.00
Buy (1) Tresemme Shampoo, (1) Tresemme Conditioner, and (1) Tresemme Styling Product $10.50
Buy (1) Dove Shampoo, (1) Dove Conditioner and (1) Dove Styling Product $9.00
Buy (2) Covergirl Eyeshadow $5.98 (buy one get one 50% off)
Buy (2) Tide Laundry Detergent $11.88
Buy (2) Mens Degree Deodordant $7.38
Buy (2) Clear Men Scalp Therapy $10.00
Total Before Coupons: $70.74
Coupons Used:
Use (1) $10 off any $50 or more (red machine)
Use (2) Free Pantene Conditioner or styler wyb Shampoo, exp 10/31/12 (SS 9/16/12) *took off max value of $6.99 each
Use (1) $2/2 Tresemme Hair Care (red machine)
Use (1) Buy (1) Tresemme Shampoo and (1) Tresemme Conditioner get a styling product free, exp 10/28/12 (RP 9/30/12) *took off max value of $6.00
Use (1) Buy (1) Dove Shampoo and (1) Dove Conditioner get a styling product free, exp 10/28/12 (RP 9/30/12) *took off max value of $6.00
Use (1) $3.00/2 Covergirl Products, exp 10/31/12 (P&G 9/30/12)
Use (2) $1.00/1 Tide Detergent, exp 10/31/12 (P&G 9/30/12)
Use (2) Buy any Degree Deodorant get Clear Men Scalp Therapy free, exp 10/28/12 (RP 9/30/12) *took off max value of $6.99 each
Total OOP after Coupons= $13.78
Get $10 ECB back from P&G
Get back $5 rebate from Unilever (savingstar)
FREE after coupons, ECB and Savingstar

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  • Waterlady765

    I just did the Scenario and worked perfectly 3 times. I would like to thank you for the scenario.

  • SherrieB

    Actually, if your store doesn’t take full value of coupons you will spend an extra $15.50 a I did. I was a little discouraged to spend $30 oop, but received the $15 in ecb and $5 saving star. $10 for all that is still a decent price.

    • SherrieB

      I “lost” $3 per pantene q, $2.50 for the tresemme, $3 for the dove, and $2 for each clear scalp therapy = $15.50 b/c the manager at my store voided or entered each bogo coupon for the actual value of the item (which is completely understandable). They are sticklers at that CVS; it will be interesting to see where CVS goes with this. They are able to look up the transaction and see what the customer actually spent on the item, so I’m not sure if CVS will be reimbursed for the full amount of coupon even though it is automatically deducted. Just food for thought.

      • Debbie

        My CVS in South Carolina will adust the coupon to the correct price or else the cashier will get written up.

    • SherrieB

      (I used the $10/$50 as well).

  • SherrieB

    I have a 4/20 from my email. Since the total of this transaction is over $70, you should be able to use both the $4/$20 AND the $10/$50, which is an even better deal.

    • SherrieB

      And this is ymmv of course.

  • Jason A

    Does anyone know if the $5 ECB for buying $15 of Dove/Degree is really Limit 1? (like the ad says). I did the scenario this morning and got the ECB, but my receipt says “Amount Toward this Reward: 16.00. Amount Needed to Earn Reward: 15.00” and does NOT say “limit reached”.

    • Jessica

      I used it 3 times. And, I believe my receipt still indicates I have one more shot left.

  • Jason A

    I had just put together a similar scenario! Mine will be with Nexxus instead of the Pantene and Tresemme.

    Anyone see any issues with doing this?

    Buy (2) Nexxus Hair Care Products = $20.98
    buy 1 dove shampoo = $3
    buy 1 dove conditioner = $3
    buy 1 dove styler = $3
    buy 2 Degree deodorant = $7
    buy 2 Clear Men Scalp Therapy = $10?
    buy 1 CVS brand hair care = $3.50?

    Total 50.48

    Use $10 off $50 from Magic Red coupon machine
    Use (2) $3.00/1 Nexxus Hair Care Printable Coupon
    use (2) $1 off dove hair care product from 9/30 red plum
    Use (2) $1 off dove deodorant from 9/30 red plum
    Use (1) $6.00 free Dove styler wyb shampoo & conditioner from 9/30 red plum
    Use (2) $6.99 Buy Degree deodorant, get Clear Men Scalp Therapy free from 9/30 red plum
    Use $3 0ff CVS hair care item

    Minus $44.98 in coupons (if coupons don’t take off full value, then $6.98 more)

    Pay $5.50 + tax (or $12.48 if coupons don’t do full value)

    Get (1) $10.00 ECB Nexxus
    Get (1) $5 ECB Dove
    Submit $5 Unilever Savingstar rebate

    At least $7.52 moneymaker!

    • Jason A

      Oops. I made a small mistake in my math. I think it’ll actually be deduct $42.98 in coupons, so it’s really Pay $7.50 (or $14.48 if not full value).

      Still a moneymaker!

    • Anonymous

      wonder how they decide who gets $10/50 and who doesn’t. I didn’t get one

  • Jamie

    From what I have been seeing recently on many popular sites, MOST stores are not allowing the autodeducting of the bogo coupons. So, it’s definitely a YMMV there. None of the 6 stores here will allow it. They always change it to the correct price.

    • For the Mommas


      I had over 20 people submit CVS scenarios this week – all of them had it auto deducted at the full value of the coupon. I think I explained it clearly and gave prices to reflect it if you didn’t get it auto deducted and it is still a killer deal :)

      • Jason A

        Mine all auto deducted this morning at the Lancaster, PA – Columbia Ave location. A few weeks ago at the Manor Shopping Center location, one of my bogo coupons beeped and required a manager – something about it being over the amount they were allowed to take any coupon for. It was $11.99 or $12.99.

  • regina

    HI i had a question this would be my first time trying this so not to sure but i have a question. i dont have any pantene coupons, and i only have one tide coupon. so i was wondering would this still work if i use the $2.00 off head and shoulder coupon i have two, and i also have two olay coupons with $2.00 off of any one, and i have two tresemme coupons could this still work if i used those instead? and how do you get the $10 off of $50 lol thank you for you help. :)

    • Anonymous

      Oops I do have all the other coupons u said I would need forgot to mention that ;)

      • regina

        Could anyone help with this not sure if I could do this and still get it free or low cost thank you

        • Amy E

          Regina- The $10 off $50 is printing for some people at the red coupon machine inside CVS. Your question about the head and shoulders, olay and tresemme..if they are all included with the P&G spend $30 get $10 then yes it will work. If they are not, then your out of pocket will be more and you wont receive the $10 ECB

  • Lisa

    I see that CVS has their CVS brand diapers on sale for buy 1, get 1 50% off.

    I have a coupon for $3 off $15 in CVS diapers, but I also have a $4 off $20 purchase from CVS. Can I use both if I purchase $20 in diapers?

    • Sandy

      I done it before and it works. Just make sure you give them the $4 dollar off $20 coupon first.

  • Amy

    Congrats, you scored a great deal!

    I’m a newbie in couponing, and I’m just wondering, when you use your coupons at CVS, do you have to pay the cashier or can you do it at the self check out machines?


    • For the Mommas

      Amy, I have never seen a CVS with self checkout!

      • Amy

        We have 4 self check out at my CVS and only one cashier that is super crowded all the time!

        Thanks for sharing :)

        • For the Mommas

          WOW! There are pros and cons to self checkout for sure!

        • ShanB

          On the self checkouts, there is a place right beside where you scan items, on the bottom right to put coupons in. Some CVS stores cover that up and you need to go to the cashier, but some of them leave them open. If it’s open, scan the coupon, wait for the light to flash, then insert the coupon with a good push to make sure it registers. if it doesn’t register, blow in it, that usually makes it work. So it’s kind of a pain, but it is possible! :)

          • Amy

            I’ll check it out!

            That should be better than dealing with couponing haters at the regular register!

            Thanks for the tip :D

            • Joanne

              My CVS has self scanners and that is the only place I will go and check out… recently about 3 months ago the scanners started scanning the BOGO at full price on the one Free item. WooHoo. ( before I would have to get an employee to scan it through some cashiers would do full price others would adjust it). FYI the scanners most of the time take the coupons where at the registers they will sometimes BEEP for a good Q. I did the Pantene BOGO 2/7.00 and Herbal Essence BOGO2/7.00 a cople of weeks ago – I had 2 of each BOGO Qs and scored 8 bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner for $0.04.

    • Leslie

      Amy, I live in PA and we don’t have self checkout, but my stepmom lives in NY and they have self checkout. You can do the whole transaction on your own. My stepmom brags all the time about it. I wish we had one.

      • Amy

        I checked my self checkout at CVS and says that you need to request help when using coupons.

        I wasn’t lucky with the red machine, it didn’t give me the $10 off coupon :(