Back to Basics: Stock Up Prices for Pantry Items

Welcome to the Back to Basic Series.  This series has included Stock Up Prices on Meat, Stock Up Prices on Household Staples and Stockup Prices on Toiletries.

Today, I am going to cover Stock Up Prices for Pantry Staples.   I will list my stock up prices vs. my buy prices for these.

The buy price is the absolute max I will pay for the product. (unless there is an absolute dire emergency, but when you have a stockpile like mine, that doesn’t happen often) The stock up price is my normal buy price – meaning this is what I would pay and I would buy more than 1. Of course, there are always opportunity to do better than these prices. Many of these items I can get for free as well. All of these products are based on the average sized containers for each product.

When this series is complete, I will be providing a nice spreadsheet you can print down for your binders.

Your prices may vary and this is just a guideline.

Dry Pasta – $.50 buy price, FREE stockup price

Canned Veggies $.50 buy price, $.30 stockup price

Canned Tomatoes (20oz) $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Fruit Snacks $.50 buy price, FREE stockup price

Coffee-Creamer (dry) $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

White Minute Rice – $.75 buy price, $.25 stockup price

Condensed Canned Soup – $.50 buy price, $.25 stockup price

Non Condensed Canned Soup (Progresso) – $1.00 buy price, $.75 stockup price

Ketchup – $.50 buy price, FREE  stockup price

BBQ Sauce – $.50 buy price, FREE stock up price  {seasonal}

Peanut Butter – $1.25 buy price,  $1.00 stockup price

Jelly – $1.25 buy price, $1.00 stockup price

Salad Dressing – $.75 buy price, $.25 stockup price

Egg Noodles $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price

Cereal $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price

Canned Tuna $.25 stockup price

Mayonnaise $1.25 buy price, $.75 stockup price

Mustard $.75 buy price, Free stockup price

Canned Pasta $.50 buy price, $.25 stockup price

Canned Beans $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Boxed Cake Mix $.50 buy price, free stockup price

Tabasco Sauce $.75 buy price, $.25 stockup price

Chicken Broth (cans) $.65 buy price, $.25 stockup price {seasonal}

All Basic Dry Seasonings (parsley, oregano, etc) $1.00 stockup price

Edit to Add:  The picture above is NOT my pantry. I wish. My pantry – see below – very small, not walk in, on shelves. LOL.

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  • Lori


    I was wondering if there is more to this series? I was just wondering because I read above that you might put together a worksheet for our binders of max prices and stock prices and I am interested.

    • Shannon


      yes Lori, its a weekly series, the spreadsheet is due next week.

  • Liz

    What are your buy and stock up prices for pasta sauce?

  • Kara

    I want that pantry as well!!! It is awesome!! I reorganized my pantry cabinet last week and it was nice and neat until I bought all the BC, Kellogg’s and Nabisco products at Rite Aid this week and don’t know where to put it all. Thanks for the great info!! Does Heinz ever have coupons?? I would love FREE ketchup but will only use Heinz:) and we go through alot. When you say stockup how much do you generally buy? That is something I always struggle with. I have just started couponing in the Fall and don’t have a handle on how much to buy. Thanks!!

    • Shannon


      Stockup price depends on two things:

      Sales cycle and how much your family is going to use.

      For example, if peanut butter expires in May for example, I know I can use 1 container per month until May. So I would buy 3 to “stockup” or if they have really long expirations, I usually buy about 6- because I know I can atleast find a deal in 6 months.

  • Heather

    Thank you for sharing with us! Can’t wait for that spreadsheet!!!!

  • Amy

    You should team up with Lowes or someone for a pantry giveaway.

    • Shannon


      he he that would be FUN~!

  • yulean

    Now I have some ideas when should I stock up. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • Carrie

    What is “canned pasta”? I have never heard of it.

    • Shannon

      Chef Boyardee

  • viki

    I would like to know how you get some of your stuff for so little? I know you use coupons with sales but I’ve never been able to get items that low. My stores don’t take competitor coupons so I’m only able to use that stores coupons with manufacture coupons. Please help me!!! I’m new to all of this and would like to get things cheaper if at all possible. Thanks

    • Shannon


      Where do you shop at Viki – it is totally possible :)

      • viki

        @Shannon, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Tom Thumb and Target

      • Mike


        I have to agree in my neck of the woods if I could get things that cheap, I would dance around the store with a fruit basket on my head in 7 inch heels and I am a guy.

        • Mike


          I am also new and I don’t even see those prices on cans when they have dents on them.

          I am mostly concern with grocery stores bc I see how RA works but the super markets no way.

          So if you want to see A video of a guy in heels and a fruit basket on his head dancing around the market ….. Hook me up.

          • Shannon


            It is very possible. For example, this week at Giant , Jelly will be $.50 with NO Coupons. Peanut Butter $1.00 with NO coupons. Mustard is free at Target, you can get coffee creamer every week for $.50 at atleast one grocery store, you can get cereal this week at Weis for $.50 and so forth. And its not just here, its across the country. Where do you live? and yes I would like to see this..!

            • Mike

              I am in Boston Ma and I don’t have those stores here except for Target; it just seems that prices else where are cheaper to begin with.

              But I live BeanTown!

              • Shannon

                Mike — your going to wear those heels.. what stores do you shop at?

                Do you have Hannaford, do you have Walmart, Shaws, Stop N Shop?

                If you have a target, rite aid, cvs, Hannaford, Shaws, Stop N Shop, you can get low prices like this. It is NOT easy and takes lots of work.

                This week at Stop N Shop – Free Tabasco, $.60 cereal, $.40 coffee creamer, $.75 Sour cream and the list goes on. Same thing with Shaws, and Hannaford.

                I live in the Philadelphia burbs – your #2 on the highest cost of living in the country, we are #6. If I can do it Mike, you can too! I have a reader who lives in Manhattan and saves crazy dollars and buys things very cheap. Her cost of living is way higher and she still does it.

                Where specifically are you shopping? You can start doing this. I promise.

  • viki

    I was wondering how you get some of your stuff for free? I know you use coupons and sales but are you buying sample sizes or regular sizes? I live in Texas and no one excepts competitor coupons. So I can only use that stores coupons and manufacture coupons. Please help!! I’m new to all of this and need some good pointers. Thanks

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the list – it gives me goals to work toward! I’m there on some items, but others, like mayo, not so much. Your actual pantry is very neat! I’m out of room on mine – items are stuffed everywhere!

  • Heather D.

    Look at that pantry! *saves pic for future remodel plan* Add a place for large wire rack to make it easier for small package/containers to get stored in. Thanks for the guideline, I have a similar one, but yours are better deals, I’ll make that as my goal.

  • Missy

    Great info! Thanks! I noticed the olive oil in your pantry and was wondering what your price guidelines are for that. I go through alot of olive oil and never seem to get that great of a deal. (although I did just print the bogo coupon to use at walmart. Now if I can make it there before the coupon expires!)

    • Shannon

      well olive oil is something I am very particular about — so I try to get a coupon but often times buy it at the scratch and dent store instead.

  • Stephan

    Shannon, I miss the BC cake mixes and cookie mixes in your pantry! Did you bake and eat them all already? ;)

    • Shannon


      oh this is a picture from last fall. notice all the soup LOL

  • Nina T.

    Awesome guideline! Thank you so much for doing that! I’ve often wondered what a good “stock up” price would be…other than free! :P

  • How did you get that picture of MY pantry!?!? Just kidding – I wish it was mine!

  • Erin

    When you provide the spreadsheet, can you try to provide quantitative information regarding the size/quantity of the items at these prices – like you did for the detergent (i.e. 26-40 loads)? I think that would really help with things like TP/Paper Towels (ply and sq ft perhaps?), sandwich bags, Cereal (12 oz or 20?), etc. Regardless, the information you provide is such a blessing and extremely helpful! I had what I thought were good prices and you’ve blown me out of the water on some of them!


    • Shannon


      Like I said wth Papertowels and toliet paper there are so many ways to sunday to look at them, it really is hard to compare apples to apples on them and honestly I dont break it down by ply, sheets.

      This really should be used as a guideline – that is why I said average sizes – like normal cereal comes from 9.0 – 13 oz boxes, it gets really difficult to put qty/sizes on these items. When you really start couponing, you would never really buy the larger items because ultimately its cheaper to get the smaller items for next to free. Does that make sense?

  • K

    This is probably a dumb question, but I’m new to this. How are you possibly getting items that cheap? Just using coupons?

  • Shannon

    Haha, I think it is funny that everyone had the same reaction to that pic, ME INCLUDED!!! It is pretty awesome, so organized and well stocked AND a place for wine. Thanks for the info, it is a good reference for my own stock up price standards. Love this site!

  • That is my dream pantry! Hahaha is it a sign of age when I start dreaming of a pantry? I am glad I am not the only one with those thoughts!

  • Hazel-Ann

    I too would love a pantry like this! <3 it!

  • Jenna

    My question is What state are you shopping in for these prices?? :) I find the food in my area to be higher priced than other areas. Thanks.

    • Shannon


      For these items, they can be found nationwide at these prices at places like Target, Rite Aid, CVS.

  • shelby

    I wan tthat pantry.

  • So glad I’m not the only one who’s first thought was WOW! -that’s one sweet pantry!!

    ps – thanks for the info that followed that amazing pic!

  • shelby

    I want that pantry.

  • Nicole

    I want that pantry. Oh how nice it would be to be that organized, lol ;-) Thanks for sharing!!

  • anna

    okay…so I have to know. Is that a picture of your pantry? It is amazing!!

    • Shannon

      bahahaha NO!

      • anna

        funny that we all wanted to know the same thing. I want that pantry. lol.

        thanks for all your work ;)

  • Is that your pantry above? JEALOUS!!! :) Thank you for this list, this is an awesome series.

    • Shannon

      Um negative not my pantry.

  • Shannon

    Thanks Shannon….but here’s my real question. Is that picture your pantry? :)

    • Shannon

      No, not my pantry! I used to work at a closet company.

      • coralie

        @Shannon, so is that a picture from your previous job? did they let you set it up for the pic?

        • Shannon


          it is actually from a showroom I visited years ago.